Glenn Beck: Media Ignores Obama Flip-Flops

Check out this video of Glenn Beck discussing with Bobby Jindal how the media has ignored the numerous flip-flops of Barack Obama.

How many flip-flops can he get a free pass on? He flipped on FISA, the second amendment, gay marriage, Iran, Iraq, welfare reform, NAFTA, and the list goes on.

Obama has a list of flip-flops that would destroy most candidates. The media would be all over this if it were a Republican. However, since Obama is their golden boy they paint the picture as “re-calibrating” his thoughts, and simply tacking to the center. Hopefully America can see through the media’s spin to the truth that Obama is just another politician. There is nothing new about his politics, except perhaps the audacity of their transparency.

There is nothing new about the media defending Obama’s flip-flops either.

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