Coulter Rips CNN’s Anderson Cooper; Advises Conservatives Not to Show Their Cards on Prospective 2012 Nominee

This will certainly be mulled over by the talking heads in the mainstream media for days to come.

At her 2010 Conservative Political Action Committee speech on Feb. 20, conservative author and commentator took the usual shots at the former President Bill Clinton and former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards, but she also let it be known that the she's not a fan of the mainstream media. And she showed how the media totally missed it with the future of the GOP.

"What a difference a year makes," Coulter said. "This time last year, the Republican Party, according to the media - it was finished, dead," Coulter said. "It was the beginning of the Democrat's thousand-year reich."

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Back in April, at the height of the original Tea Party protests, CNN's Anderson Cooper made an off-handed remark, saying "it's hard to talk when you're tea bagging." However, Coulter had a response to the use of "tea bag" on CNN in reference to people who oppose President Barack Obama's policies.

"CNN calls them ‘teabaggers,' which is the gayest term I've ever heard on CNN - other than ‘Anderson Cooper." Coulter said.

And during the question and answer session, Coulter was asked who she thought should be the 2012 presidential nominee. Her advice - don't give the media the upper hand in what could eventually be a campaign to destroy that individual.

"I think my most important point on should run and who the conservative leader, the Republican leader is - we can't tell them," Coulter said. "I think it would be better if like a month before the election we announce who we're running for president because of the media's obsessive desire to know who's your leader - is it Michael Steele, is it Rush Limbaugh, is it Glenn Beck, is it Sarah Palin? They want us to tell them who our leader is so they can ferociously fixate on them and destroy him or her."

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