Ratigan Unhinged: Attacks Warming Skeptics, Gives Pass to Liberal Alarmists in Plea for Sides to 'Cool Off'

Immediately after taking shots from some conservative voices for his Feb. 8 remarks that heavy snowfall in the Mid-Atlantic is "reportedly" a result of global warming, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan fired back at his detractors on his Feb. 10 program. 

The once seemingly rational host of CNBC's "Fast Money" voiced his frustration with the entire global warming debate as it stood in the wake of this record-setting winter weather event. Ratigan suggested neither side should use the crippling snowfall as evidence to further their respective arguments. However he did direct the lion's share of his criticism at conservatives.

"The weather we know is frightful, but my goodness me, so is the political back-and-forth over climate change in the context of these storms that are hitting D.C. especially," Ratigan said. "Both sides trying to use hometown ‘snowpocalypse' as free advertising for their chosen position on climate change, baby. Conservatives today, using the blizzard to pull a snow job on Al Gore and his liberal brethren. From South Carolina, Sen. Jim DeMint says quote, ‘It's going to keep snowing in D.C. until Al Gore cries uncle.' That was a good one. Meanwhile, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell asks ‘Where is Al Gore now?'"

Of course Ratigan took the obligatory contemptuous shot at MSNBC punching bag Sarah Palin.

"And not to be outdone, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin - I like to call her Professor Palin - calling the idea that the snow can be tied to global warming, ‘a bunch of snake oil science,' as long as we have her professional opinion. And, we're even taking hits here at the D.R. show for a story we ran the other day busting the GOP for an ad along the exact same lines of the rhetoric I just shared with you."

Ratigan appeared be very concerned about being called out by conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

"Rush Limbaugh - taking me on by name today, even though I actually don't subscribe to either of the theories - liberals or conservatives," Ratigan said, was wrong because Ratigan contended that he was just the messenger.

"Now, Rush, what you failed to point out or maybe you missed it, I don't know, was that at no time did I ever agree with either side of the debate," Ratigan said. "I was simply reporting a scientific fact that some scientists say that higher air temperatures, when the air mass is warmer it can retain more moisture and as a result these scientists believe that the warmer air mass, which retains more moisture, may subsequently offer more precipitant. That a word? I believe it is - precipitation, something that would fall from the sky. There will be more of it as a result of the retained moisture."

And although he claimed not to have a dog in the fight, his choice of words argued otherwise.

"These exact types of storms may reflect that," Ratigan suggested. "I honestly have no idea. I was simply reporting that that is part of the science. So to the argue the snow is evidence there is not global warming borders on moronic. And yes, it is scientifically possible that overall warmer temperatures can cause more snow in some areas for that reason. I honestly don't know." [emphasis added]

So what does the host of "The Dylan Ratigan Show" actually believe? He's not sure.

"In fact here is my take - I don't necessarily agree with that being the case," Ratigan said. "That's just the theory on that side of the aisle. I believe along with most scientists that while there is strong data suggesting higher temperatures overall, it is far too complex to make any ironclad assumptions about how high they will get and what will happen because of them, good or bad."

And although Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has forced cap-and-trade legislation that would come at an estimated cost of up to $200 billion, or $1,761 per household, according to the Treasury Department through the U.S. House of Representatives that is now pending in the U.S. Senate, Ratigan urged everyone "cool off" and take a harder look when more data is available. He failed to criticize the alarmists the Left who are insisting immediate and urgent action on the climate change issue.

"Look at the weather guy," Ratigan said. "They have a hard time forecasting ten days in front of us because of all the complex variables that go into what happens on this earth. So, how can we make trustworthy predictions about what could happen 20 years from now? Now that doesn't mean we shouldn't be looking at the issue closely. One thing that is clear is that this political debate about climate change needs to cool off a little bit until perhaps we have a touch more data and a little more rational thought, especially when both sides are claiming victory off of one or two random snowstorms."

And the MSNBC host had a parting shot and challenge for Limbaugh.

"As for Mr. Limbaugh, I would be delighted to come on your show and explain this to you directly," Ratigan said. "Or if you prefer, you're more than welcome to come on here anytime you want, phone in or whatever you're into - unless of course you have an issue with direct engagement on these types of issues where you actually deal in fact. Something to think about."

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