O-kay ... Mike Papantonio Compares Tea Party to Invasive Fish That Feasts on Blood

How can you tell when conservatives really annoy a liberal?

When his hyperbole exceeds even the broad parameters of absurdity embraced on the left. Case in point -- attorney and "Ring of Fire" radio show co-host Mike Papantonio's appearance on fellow libtalker Thom Hartmann's show on Wednesday. (audio clip after page break)

While talking with Hartmann about post-election backbiting within the GOP and Senate Republicans voting against the UN treaty on disabilities, allegedly out of fear of backlash from the tea party, Papantonio likened tea partiers to a bloodthirsty snakehead fish (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney at mrctv.org) --

The snakehead fish is this sharp, has this sharp, shark-like teeth, yeah, 75,000 eggs it lays, it eats virtually everything, it drinks blood, it destroys everything in its reach. The problem is, that is what the tea party has become to the Republican Party. (Hartmann hoots). Now, some people understand the importance of killing the snakehead fish. Others still don't get it. Eric Cantor still doesn't get it. These peop-, Rubio still doesn't get it.

Whenever I hear fulmination like that from a liberal all hot and bothered by conservatives, I'm reminded of the title of Boston radio host Michael Graham's book on the tea party movement -- "That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom."

Papantonio, a frequest guest host for Ed Schultz's radio show, makes a habit of inviting lawyers on the program to talk about their cases -- while neglecting to mention that they are his law partners.

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