12 Nutty NewsBusters Blogs from the Liberal Media’s Kavanaugh Character Assassination



Camerota Finds Ford Believable Since Kavanaugh Threw Ice; ABC Hails ‘Hero’ Flake

As for the zaniest piece of liberal media bias in this entire fiasco, it’s hard to top CNN’s New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota declaring that Kavanaugh’s alleged ice-throwing incident during a bar fight in college made him much more likely to have committed sexual assault. Our Mark Finkelstein flagged this down, so check out Camerota’s full explanation here.

As for Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake, ABC’s Nightline worshipped him on October 1 with co-host Byron Pitts dubbing Flake to be a “hero” who “soothed the nation” and suggested he was “sowing seeds of a new kind of politics” for having delayed Kavanaugh’s confirmation after Democratic lobbying.


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