12 Nutty NewsBusters Blogs from the Liberal Media’s Kavanaugh Character Assassination



Rabid CNN Panel Illustrates Media’s Early Mindset; Todd Suggests Kavanaugh ‘Withdraw’

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had only gone public a day earlier with her allegation against Kavanaugh, but CNN Newsroom’s Brooke Baldwin, senior political reporter Maeve Reston, and legal analyst Areva Martin were already dead set on Kavanaugh’s guilt.

To illustrate one example, Baldwin declared that “[i]t is no wonder why women are so hesitant to come forward” because — wait for it — their claims are scrutinized for accuracy!

The next day, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd stated on NBC’s Today that Kavanaugh was “definitely...in trouble” and surmised that it wouldn’t shock him if “by the end of the week....it wouldn’t surprise me if he chose to withdraw and chose to back down” for the good of the country. Yikes. And this came from the guy who’s supposed to be a neutral political referee.


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