Radio Personality DJ Khaled Missed the Memo: 'Obama Is My President'

While most liberal celebs are bemoaning the loss of their beloved Hillary in 2016, breakout star DJ Khaled is pretending like her loss never even happened. Instead, he’s getting to the real liberal MVP, Barack Obama.

In an interview with Katie Couric on June 14, the hip hop producer talked about being a father, releasing his 10th album, and how he avoids negativity. His solution to the last one? He “keeps the haters away, shuts out all negativity, and doesn’t say President Trump’s name.”

So the biggest hater of all for him is President Trump. That’s no surprise coming from the politically charged DJ, who has been a key player at such events showcasing the Black Lives Matter movement, and is also well known for his lewd, provocative lyrics. If anything, that’s predictable.

But for someone who campaigned shamelessly for Hillary Clinton, and has been alive for at least eight different presidents, the star of hip hop would like it to be known that not only is Trump #nothispresident, but also that Obama, while no longer a president, is still the president in Khaled’s heart.

The producer, who moonlights as a motivational speaker, told Couric that he stays positive by staying in the past. He said, “Obama is my president. That’s the only president that I would say is my president. I don’t think Trump is connecting with the people. . . We want to be in a world of love and unity and peace.”

For Khaled, and probably for other liberals, peace and love only exist in the past under what they would have considered happier times. It must be so tough for them now.