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The fourth episode of Showtime’s Our Cartoon President airing on February 25 titled “Family Leave” opened with a parody of Trump’s appearance at CPAC – the Conservative Political Action Conference – that took place over the weekend. Trump slams Mitt Romney’s run for the U.S. Senate by saying he can’t drink coffee because of his Mormon religious beliefs but he can “spit shine my nipples all the way to the United States Senate.”

In a report aired on Friday's New Day and again on Saturday's CNN Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield, CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera actually gave attention to a school district in Texas that already arms its teachers with concealed weapons and has them train in case they need to defend the school. On New Day, CNN hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Berman seemed skeptical after the report because the teachers had not yet had a chance to demonstrate that they could defend the school successfully a the pair failed to note that the fact that they have not been attacked yet could be evidence of deterrence.

The Washington Post Sunday Arts & Style section published an enormous page-size photo of leftist drag queen Taylor Mac, who has created a 24-hour, 246-song musical "masterwork" for the Resistance. It will be staged for just two hours at the Kennedy Center in March. 

In this crazy world of boys will be girls and girls will be boys, Mackenzie "Mack" Beggs is back in the news again. "He" repeated this weekend as a Texas state champion in the girls' Class 6A 110-pound wrestling division. Confused? Of course you are. Beggs, a high school senior girl in Texas undergoing testosterone treatments because she wants to be a member of the boys' wrestling team, is again being touted by liberal media pushing the transgender agenda.

If someone told you that disgraced journalist Dan Rather appeared on a show called “Reliable Sources” to excoriate President for living in a “fantasy land” and to give career advice to a young anti-gun advocate, you might think they were reading an article from the popular satirical news site The Onion. But it wasn’t a joke! It actually happened on CNN on Sunday.

During the past several days, the press mentioned Wheaton College in Illinois when a former student was arrested for multiple burglaries, and when there were new developments relating to a football team hazing incident. On the positive side, the college's partnership with a school for children with disabilities got coverage, as of course did Wheaton's most famous graduate, the just-passed Rev. Billy Graham. But there hasn't been a word in the national establishment press about the Christian college's victory over the Obamacare contraception mandate — a victory which should ripple though all remaining related cases.

On Friday's New Day on CNN, as host Alisyn Camerota confronted the ACU's Matt Schlapp over NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre's speech at CPAC, the CNN host at one point tried to blame Indiana for Chicago's crime problem as the two got into a debate over gun control. Camerota also complained about LaPierre being "divisive" even though she has on her own show stoked division by defending those who call the NRA a "terrorist group" and by tolerating guests calling the NRA "child murderers" without any pushback.

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, a guilt-ridden rich liberal who had an ill-fated run as owner of the liberal magazine The New Republic, was graced on Saturday with a front-page Business Day profile in the New York Times whose very headline mocks the idea of individual achievement: “Inequality: A Secret To His Success.” The subhead: “The Facebook co-founder’s rise was meteoric. He argues that the same forces that helped him succeed have made it harder for others. In a new book, ‘Fair Shot,’ he proposes a bold solution.” Hughes, who was the tech adviser to Obama’s 2008 campaign, now spends his time doing penance for his own hard-earned success, as de Leon lovingly laid out.

In what seemed like an effort for them to have their own NRA smear-fest similar to CNN’s, ABC’s This Week hosted both NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and anti-gun Parkland student David Hogg. And as would be expected, Loesch owned host George Stephanopoulos because of his profound ignorance on guns and his leftist politics. When the schooling was over, he turned to Hogg and let him smear gun rights advocates.

On Saturday, the White House officially allowed the rebuttal memo drafted by House Democrats on the Intelligence committee to be released. The memo was meant to rebuke the one released by their Republican counterparts a few weeks ago, but the FBI requested that certain information be redacted because it exposed sources and methods. In response to the release, ABC’s Good Morning America touted the memo on Sunday but claimed the White House was responsible for the redactions and suggested they were hiding something.

In an epic self-awareness fail, several liberal commentators claim that Broward County police officers who remained outside as Nikolas Cruz massacred students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were "good guys with a gun." This, they believe, shows that a good guy with a gun doesn't always stop a bad guy with a gun. It apparently hasn't occurred to them that these officers who swore an oath to protect and serve weren't being "good guys."

Our domestic Spanish-language news networks march forward with their anti-Second Amendment biases on the back of the horrendous school shooting at Parkland, Florida. However, Telemundo managed to find a whole seven seconds for a pro-Second Amendment the spirit of balance.

Jack Heretik at the Washington Free Beacon reports that CNN is so desperate to push for gun control in every forum that on Thursday, Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr pestered Defense Department spokemsan Dana White about how it must be fairly close to impossible for the military brass to "stay out of the gun debate" in America. White said no, it wasn't impossible, that those issues "are for political leaders."

Since yesterday, MSNBC has put on display the latest example of how national news outlets are blatantly promoting the liberal agenda on gun control, as an ad has been running featuring MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace and contributor Steve Schmidt talking up the liberal student activists who have been calling for "common sense gun reforms" since the Parkland school shootings.


At's "Think" section Wednesday, Marcie Bianco checked almost all of the left's outrage boxes, characterizing private-sector efforts to reach Mars as, among other things, "patriarchal," and evidence of male "midlife crisis ... laced with an imperialist ethos."