Spike TV Movie Iraq Vet Bank Robbers Upset by Treatment and 'Against the War'

As NewsBusters reported Wednesday, this Sunday the Spike TV cable channel will start a mini-series, The Kill Point, centered around Iraq war veterans who rob a bank and end up with hostages in a standoff. A review in Friday's USA Today related how the leader of the robbers, Iraq vet “Mr. Wolf” played by John Leguizamo, “plays for sympathy before the news cameras, stripping down to show war wounds as he talks about how combat soldiers were poorly served.” USA Today's Bill Keveney also relayed how “Leguizamo says Kill Point isn't trying to stereotype returning soldiers or their behavior. 'They're good guys but they made a bad call, and they happen to have (post-traumatic stress disorder) and they happen to be against the war.'” When will we see a TV movie with Iraq vets doing good things who “just happen” to be for the war?

The four-part, eight-hour mini-series “event” will air, on the channel which is part of the CBS/Viacom empire, in two-hour blocks over four successive Sundays, starting this Sunday, July 22. Check the July 18 NewsBusters posting for Spike TV's summary of the plot and the starring actors.

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