MSNBC's Johnson: Trump Attacks All Blacks Who Are Not 'Bojangling' for Him

On Monday's The Last Word show, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson hyperbolically claimed that President Donald Trump "attacks any and all black people who weren't bojangling for him" and declared that the President views "black people who do nice things" as "enemies" during a discussion of the President's recent attacks on CNN host Don Lemon and the NBA's LeBron James.



As the group discussed the President's tendency to use Twitter to lash out at critics, Johnson commented:

All of this fury is at his enemies. Well, who appear to be Donald Trump's enemies? The press, you know, which are supposed to be here which are sort of written into the Constitution, a free press. And black people who do nice things, whether it happens to be a reporter on another network or it happens to be an African-American from Akron who opened up a school.

A bit later, host Lawrence O'Donnell suggested that President Trump deliberately tries to incite racism in some of his followers at the MSNBC host posed:

It seems one of the areas of Trump tweeting that does have a logic is the racist component of Trump tweeting which is in effect a kind of an open form of direct mail to the members of his support group who are racist.

Johnson -- who is also politics editor of The Root -- began by declaring that "racism and white supremacy and white nationalism spewed by the President of the United States is a national security issue," and recalled the history of the Soviet Union portraying the U.S. as mistreating the black population, before concluding:

So when you have a President that exacerbates that kind of tension -- that basically attacks any and all black people who weren't bojangling for him on a regular basis at the White House, it makes the United States a weaker country.

NewsBusters has notably pointed out that President Donald Trump also has a record of using Twitter to attack plenty of critics who are white even though the media lately have been highlighting black critics whom he has lambasted.

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