Big Tech Is Listening: What Amazon and Google Hear

Have you heard about Amazon’s Alexa? She may have heard you. Reports came out in April that full time contract workers for Amazon in the U.S., Costa Rica, and Romania have been listening up to 1,000 audio clips, some of them lasting up to nine hours. 

In response to these reports, Amazon confirmed to CNN Business that they do in fact hire employees to listen to what customers say to Alexa. 

On July 10, Dutch news outlet VRT reported that Google also keeps tabs on our conversations, using independent contractors to listen and to transcribe the audio recordings it picks up from its new audio based web surfer Google Assistant. 

Google claims it listens “to improve the technology.” A company spokesperson told Business Insider it uses 0.2% of audio snippets that Google collected to improve Google Assistant  of understanding accents. Those clips are supposedly completely anonymous.

Google is now taking action though a spokesperson against VRT claiming that these reports are “misconduct.” 

Ladies and gentleman, privacy is under assault. Google Technology

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