Whistleblower Takes to Newsweek to Expose Censorship at Pinterest

Eric Cochran worked at Pinterest for nearly two years, creating open-source code for a variety of apps. But with a June 24 op-ed in Newsweek, he’s exposing the censorship skeletons in the platform’s closet. 

Cochran says he was an idealist who “wanted to do good” with the technology he created. “I thought Pinterest could be different from its sibling tech giants. I hoped Pinterest might be a tech company that respected its users and was honest with them.” Instead Cochran saw the “normalization of censorship” as Pinterest fell “in line with the other Big Tech companies in its crackdown on content.”  

That crackdown included “covert censorship of pro-lifers, Christians and Conservatives.” 

“Live Action, one the nation's largest pro-life organizations, has been blocked by Pinterest,” Cochran writes. “Users cannot make posts that link to Live Action and are not given a clear error message when they try.” In fact, Live Action’s Pinterest account has been permanently removed because, in Pinterest’s own words: “The company does not allow content ‘that may have immediate and detrimental effects on a Pinner’s health or on public safety.” 

Cochran’s account of Pinterest’s censorship originally appeared in a June 11 Project Veritas report titled, “Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, ‘Bible Verses’ Censored.” The report included what Cochran calls “leaked Pinterest documents” that “speak to the worldview of the leadership of Big Tech … not just leftist; it is one of un-American censorship and belief that users cannot be trusted to hear from any other viewpoints but their own.”


Tim Pool made a YouTube video covering this report. If you searched YouTube today, you would not be able to find this video. According to Newsweek, “Until now, YouTube has never removed a Project Veritas video report.” Go figure. 

Cochran notes that “Pinterest and YouTube have denied these allegations of censorship.” Again, go figure.

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