Tech Giants, Democrats Band Together to Censor Media

Social media sites are already pretty effective at silencing conservatives. You’d think they wouldn’t require more coordination with the Democrats to continue.  But technology’s biggest corporations are joining together to make sure that media is “responsible”. It seems they want more control over what is posted on the internet and what will be available to the public.

A Council on Technology in Society is a council featuring several tech company CEOs, including the CEO of mobile marketplace firm TaskRabbit. According to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, the Council met with the head of the Democratic Party Tom Perez last week and “bluntly asked Tom Perez, again the head of the Democratic Party, what they could do to ‘contribute to the broad social good.’” Essentially when asking the head of the Democratic Party what their agenda is, you are asking how to fulfill the agenda of the Democratic Party.

Verizon, NBC, Facebook and Google just put together a group called the Global Alliance for Responsible Media. According to Carlson, their “stated goal is to pressure tech platforms to ‘develop and deliver against a concrete set of actions, protocols, and processes for protecting people and brands.’” The message put in simpler terms is that the group will be attempting to exercise censorship. 

If the Alliance reaches their goal then free speech will cease to exist online. It certainly sounds like the Alliance, with its relationships with the Democratic Party, is planning to tamp down anything not in the interests of Democrats or the tech companies.


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