On Vacation (!), Trevor Noah's Daily Show Reruns Pile of 'In the FoxHole' Attacks

It is typical for a late- night host to take a hiatus from filming during June and July. While Trevor Noah is taking a breather from his relentless attacks on conservatives, his show continues to perpetrate spitefulness with its filler episodes.

Monday night’s edition of The Daily Show was comprised of a series of segments dubbed, ‘In the FoxHole’, aimed at degrading Fox News and its viewers. After playing a compilation of clips showing Fox anchors’ reactions to the news President Trump lost upwards of a billion dollars over the course of a ten year period, Noah compared their defense of the President to defending dictators.

“You know, say what you will about Fox and Friends, but when they are with you, they are with you. Ride or die, that’s the squad I want in my life. They will spin any negative into a positive. Like, any leader would be lucky to have that kind of support. If Kim Jong Un had a Fox and Friends they’d be like this haircut is the best one yet. Every leader. Hitler’s Fox and Friends would have been like you know, the haters are saying that he’s a mass murderer and he lost the war, but people don’t focus on how well traveled he was, yeah. All the way from Paris to Russia in just a year, yeah.”

This comes from a show that has non-comedically kissed the rings of Democrat presidents and candidates from John Kerry to Obama. Noah gushed about how his brain froze when he met his hero Obama

I got to meet President Obama in the White House and it was one of the most amazing experiences. You know what happens is when you meet people who are beyond famous, like there are some people where you just lose what your brain is supposed to be doing. So, the mouth and brain, nothing connects. Nothing works. When he walked in, in my head I was like, “President Obama is going to walk in. I'll say this to him. I'll make a joke about Africa, Africa and me, Africa and him. Africa, thing. And then he walked in and he was like, “Trevor.”...It was just a moment where my brain froze because he asked me about this event.

Another collection of videos sought to portray Fox hosts as being hysterics for taking Cory Booker's remarks seriously when he said “this planet simply can’t sustain” the “massive increase in consumption of meat” that has been occurring. Noah then launched a tirade against all law abiding conservatives who enjoy their freedoms.

“Oh man, you know I’ll tell you that I feel so bad for people who take Fox News seriously. It’s gotta be so much work, because they are always telling you like the Democrats are coming for your shit. You gotta stockpile a lifetime supply of meat. You’ve gotta stockpile guns, you’ve gotta keep your fossil fuels, your bibles, American flags, Confederate statues. There must be one closet at your house that’s just chaos, complete chaos. Fox News is like reverse Marie Kondo, just put everything in your house as long as it sparks rage!”

The staff of The Daily Show seem to share the same lockstep mentality of when in doubt and lacking content, play a montage of vitriol against Republicans or conservatives. It is sure to please the liberal audience every time.

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