MRC’s DisHonors Awards: Rob Reiner Wins 'Celebrity Dumb Ass Award' for Insisting Obama = Reagan

'Actor-director Rob Reiner won “The Celebrity Dumb Ass Award” at the Media Research Center’s 2014 Gala. Last November 1, he told Bill Maher on his HBO show that “Obama right now, where Obama is, is right around where Reagan was, right around where Nixon was. He’s no more left than those Republicans.”

The award was handed by presenter Chris Plante, the DC-based talk radio star in the morning on WMAL-FM. The award was accepted in jest by the Benham brothers (Jason and David), whose HGTV reality show was canceled when gay "anti-defamation" activists got them canceled for their Christian faith.


Video MRC DisHonors Awards and Gala Rob Reiner

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