Ed Schultz: Hillary 'Doesn't Have to Answer Questions Right Now' from the Press

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz can’t seem to stop the partisan doubletalk spewing from his big mouth. Last week, Schultz had the audacity to say that Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul has an “issue” with female reporters (after all, as Ann Coulter pointed out recently, Schultz is very well known for how he treats the ladies -- ask Laura Ingraham).

But on Tuesday, Schultz was declaring that the left’s leading lady “doesn’t have to answer questions right now” from anyone in the press, male or female.

Schultz was talking to Thomas Roberts, MSNBC’s new daytime host, about Clinton’s recent stop in Iowa.  Here are some of Mr. Ed’s interesting quotes in reference to Hillary:

ED SCHULTZ: I don't think Hillary Clinton wants press. I think she wants people. And I think she doesn't have to answer any questions right now. And I think what she's going to do in Iowa is not focus on press but focus on what people have to say. And I think that Hillary Clinton's been around long enough she knows exactly what she's going to hear when she goes into that room right there and talks to those twenty- and thirty-somethings about America. Because she has one.

And I think Schultz has lost it.  So because Hillary has a twenty-or thirty something daughter, she can connect to all women of that age range? And because she's a mom she can relate to all mothers? And because she has a granddaughter, she can relate to all grandmothers (especially grandmothers of granddaughters) and women her age?  According to Mr. Ed, Clinton appeals to all women! Of course, the one thing he didn't mention is that Hillary is also a wife.  (Probably left that part out for good reason.)

Schultz then wondered when Hillary will begin to "start unveiling what her solutions are." Maybe when she has some. Even her supporters are frustrated because of the lack of detail she provides.

SCHULTZ:  She's got a pretty good sense of what the American people want, but she’s going to get reaffirmed on this trip. So I think that this is a slow walk. I think Hillary knows that this is a marathon. It's not a sprint. And I think she's pretty well prepared what she's going to hear. The question is, when will she start unveiling what her solutions are.

THOMAS ROBERTS: Of course there are expected jabs to come from the right. But do you think there are certain people on the left that resent the fact that Hillary Clinton can have a pop-up campaign and this much attention and not get hard questions on policy right out of the gate?

SCHULTZ:  Well, I think there's a sense of realism here amongst those even thinking about running for president. They are not the former first lady and not the former senator and former secretary of state. I mean, I just think that it is almost demeaning to Hillary Clinton that she's not getting enough credit for what she has done in her career and the lengthy resume that she has. Now given that, she still needs to step forward on very crucial issues because they are different today than what they were in 2008. And I think she'll get to all of that. But this is the first stage of the campaign to make sure she knows where Iowa is. And what people are thinking about. And I think she's doing it right.

She's a former first lady, former senator, and former secretary of state.  He doesn't think she's getting the R-E-S-P-E-C-T she deserves for her lengthy career and accomplishments. It's kind of hard to get credit for accomplishments when Clinton herself couldn't name an accomplishment as Secretary of State when asked on 20/20 by Diane Sawyer.

Kind of hard to run on a record when you don't have much of one.

[HT Truth Revolt]

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