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Longtime liberal pollster Stuart Rothenberg apparently had a hard time handling President Donald Trump's visit to West Virginia on Thursday. During that visit, Mountain State Governor Jim Justice officially announced his switch to the Republican Party, thereby consolidating full GOP control over the executive and legislative branches in that state, and bringing the total number of Republican U.S. governors to 35. 

By any measure, the summer of 2017 has been an unusually rocky one for the Catholic Church. 

CNN host Chris Cuomo sparred with White House counsel Kellyanne Conway once again Thursday night. Conway called out the network for their obsession with the Trump-Russia story.

In a report on Friday’s NBC Today about how people could defend themselves during a convenience store robbery, National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen and security expert Mykel Hawke suggested that shoppers should hurl groceries off the shelves at the armed criminals in an attempt to escape. The possibility of using a firearm for protection was never mentioned.

The Right Scoop blog reports a  new email dump from the FBI via a Freedom of Information Act request by the American Center for Law and Justice reveals what appears to be collusion between the media and Obama’s Justice Department to squash outrage about the 2016 meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix.

How unhinged are some media outlets in responding to the election of Donald Trump? Rolling Stone on Friday promoted “professional cuddling” as a response to those struggling to “cope.” Writer Allie Voipe highlighted this presumably blue state response: “Since November – and the election of Donald Trump – professional cuddling services have seen a spike in client interest.” 

The Kennedy Center Honors are packed with traditions that involve the President of the United States. This year, at least four liberal honorees will be forced to associate in some way, shape, or form, with their favorite Republican of all time: President Donald Trump.


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) who has openly campaigned for impeaching Trump since he took office, was the guest on Friday’s The View. Like two peas in a pod, Joy Behar and Waters hit it off immediately, while hosts Paula Faris and Jedediah Bila actually tried to press Waters on her statements about impeaching Trump, the White House leaks, and the Democratic party’s shortcomings.

When you hear the words "mass incarceration," you know you're about to see a group of liberals complaining that there are too many criminals in prison, and that more should be released back into society. Such was the case on Thursday's MSNBC Live as host Ali Velshi presided over and voiced agreement with an all-liberal panel with Roland Martin of News One Now and Glenn Martin of Just Leadership USA.


Hypocritical MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is now demanding that Republican Senators stand up and fight Donald Trump, insisting that they call the President “dishonest.” Yet, the very same Scarborough previously compared Trump to Ronald Reagan and called attacks on his honesty “vicious.” 

MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews put forth a theory on Thursday night that the reason droves of everyday Americans aren’t as obsessed with the Trump-Russia investigation (aka removing Trump from office) as the New York City and Washington D.C. liberal media are due to the decline of local newspapers featuring national news stories about Russian collusion.

During the first year of a new administration, a prominent elected official switches his political affiliation to the party that just came into power. The national media hail the news and warn the politician’s former party that it has become too extreme and out of touch with country. That was the scene in 2009, when Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter abandoned the Republican Party and became a Democrat in a desperate attempt to win a tough reelection fight. However, on Thursday, when West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced he was leaving the Democratic Party in favor of the GOP, the liberal media couldn’t be bothered to cover the stunning political news.

On CNN Friday morning, the network repeatedly played an interview between Dana Bash and Senators Collins and Murkowski. The two female Republican senators were the sole Republicans besides John McCain, to vote against their party’s plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare last week. While the media spent endless time praising the “heroic” actions of McCain, CNN felt like it was the other two senators time to shine in the media spotlight.

The Thursday morning network-news shows were reluctant to offer any credit to President Trump for the Dow Jones Industrial Average going over 22,000 on Wednesday. But what about the national newspapers on Thursday morning? Here’s All the headlines skipped over Trump, and USA Today deserves some kind of Avoidance Award, for their front-page article by Adam Shell never, ever used the word “Trump.”

On Friday, Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi asked the question “A briefing room clash may be good TV, but is it good journalism?” The Post mostly answered “yes,” and Farhi never compared today’s clashes to anything that happened under Barack Obama. The journalists who badgered Trump aide Stephen Miller “say they have no regrets for aggressively seeking answers,” Farhi reported.

Jim Acosta boasted “As my mother told me recently, ‘Let other people be the wallflower,’....If quoting from the Statue of Liberty is pushing too hard, I’m going to keep pushing.”