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Apparently, liberals have an alternative reality built up in their minds where Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in 2016 and now is an amazing president.

Alyssa Milano apparently has a contractual obligation to look like a moron every couple of days. The Charmed actress, who days ago dismissed sexaul assualt allegations against Dem fave Joe Biden a year-and-a-half after slandering Justicice Kavanaugh over laughable sexual assault allegations, posted a video to Twitter of her decrying the high amount of gun sales during the pandemic. It was, she said, a “dangerous” trend.

Law & Crime had a peculiar story late Thursday afternoon in the never-ending efforts to destroy Fox News. As the Gabriel Shermans and Joe Lockharts of the world continue to drum up support to sue FNC over its supposedly dangerous and unserious coronavirus coverage, the far-left group WASHLITE stepped up to the plate and filed suit in Washington State.

Is there an American Big Tech company that isn’t sympathetic to the communist regime in China? “Grammar app Grammarly has started flagging the phrase ‘Chinese virus’ in references[sic] to the virus and the resulting disease, COVID-19,” Reclaim The Net reported on April 7. The virus that has brought entire countries to an economic standstill has erupted in cultural controversy as well. Both the politically correct nags of liberal America and the Chinese regime discourage calling it the “Chinese” or “Wuhan” virus.

On his Thursday night show, aired early Friday morning, NBC’s left-wing Late Night host Seth Meyers fawned over PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor for supposedly asking “very fair questions” during the daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings and marveled at her “poise” and “integrity” in dealing with President Trump.

NBC historian Jon Meacham wants an Avengers squad of Democratic presidents to solve the coronavirus crisis. He also wonders why so many Americans debased themselves and turned against the “better angels” to vote for Donald Trump. Later, he lamely insisted, “I'm not a partisan, right? I'm not a Republican, I'm not a Democrat. I live in Tennessee, so when I say I have conservative friends, that's redundant.”

Reuters’ Matthew Lavietes has his priorities in place. A plague sweeps the globe, economies fall and a fateful geopolitical realignment is imminent, and Lavietes is writing about … trans people who want to play soldier. You have to hand it to Big Trans -- they’re doing their best to remind us that, world crisis or no, they’re still the fashionable victim group.

Far-left commentator Sally Kohn somehow thinks state governments ordering nonessential businesses to close means they aren’t forcing businesses to lay off their workforces. Really. Sinclair’s Eric Bolling wrecked her on Twitter for it. Kohn bleated on Twitter that “I'm really tired of reading how business owners are ‘forced’ to layoff [sic] workers. No one made them do that. They *chose* to do that.” She continued down that ridiculous line of illogic: “Not saying it isn't a hard choice, during a hard time, but to say they were *forced* obscures their agency AND casts owners/CEOs as the victims.” 

The global coronavirus pandemic resulting in near total shutdown of our nation has rightly garnered the most time at Univision and Telemundo’s nightly newscasts. Unfortunately, our most recent study finds that this was not the case when it mattered most- at the early outset of the outbreak. Instead, the nation’s domestic Spanish-language networks focused their attention on the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, and on immigration- which reigned supreme until very recently.

With the coronavirus outbreak still dominating news across the nation, one conservative school is fighting back against claims from the New York Times that the university irresponsibly brought students back to Lynchburg, Virginia, before they “started getting sick.” “Enough is enough,” Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. stated when referring to the “fake news” reported on March 29 by the Times and the ProPublica website even though Falwell had stated on Thursday that “we have no students with COVID-19, no symptoms.”

After 9/11, sports writers let President George W. Bush off the hook for a failed war, racism, the failure of capitalism and a denial of LGBT rights. Now they're giving President Donald Trump a pass for his mistakes after the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the U.S., claims Deadspin writer Sam Fels on Wednesday. At the root of the problem is the notion that sports can aid the world in recovery from horrific events.

On Wednesday's Amanpour & Co. (aired on PBS and CNN International), host Christiane Amanpour declared that "nobody is more complicit" than Fox News in questionable journalism, and likened the network's coverage of the pandemic to its coverage advocating for the war in Iraq that ended up failing to find the WMD stockpiles that were believed to exist.

For the crime of suggesting that the US economy can begin to reopen, Joe Scarborough tells Rush Limbaugh to "go bag groceries at your local Publix [supermarket.]" Rush is a senior citizen with Stage 4 lung cancer. 

The liberal Columbia Journalism Review has published a lengthy special report from the Tow Center for Digital Journalism on the values and practices of online conservative news sites. Three professors -- Anthony Nadler, A.J. Bauer, and Magda Konieczna – interviewed 22 journalists at 14 websites, and their overall picture of the conservative media is straightforward. But in the end, they still pretend the media divide is conservative versus "nonpartisan, general interest" outlets.

This season's new CBS cop show, Tommy, starring Edie Falco of Soprano's fame, meets woke Hollywood's required feminist and SJW bullet points. Its police chief, Tommy, is a feminist lesbian and its season premiere even made sure to attack immigration enforcement.