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Wednesday’s New York Times featured political reporter Matt Flegenheimer's 1,200-word anti-Trump screed disguised as a “news analysis”: “Is Our Most Important Election Ahead, or Is It Behind Us?” He quoted various Democratic candidates calling 2020 “the most important election” of our lives, then laid every bit of blame for the coronavirus response at the feet of President Trump: "Of course, the answer to Mr. Trump’s initial prompt has always been evident to most Democrats. At stake were health care plans, immigration policies, a generation of court seats and now, they say, many lives that would not have been lost to the coronavirus under more capable executive stewardship."

If President Trump was for a Wuhan Virus treatment the liberal media wanted nothing to do with it. Over the last couple of days, the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC have spotlighted and hyped all sorts of possible treatments for the deadly virus, including treatments that wouldn’t be ready for months. At the same time, they were bashing antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which was promoted by the President and had strong anecdotal evidence that it was effective.

As many liberal journalists suggest Fox News Channel should be sued for discouraging people from taking the coronavirus seriously and endangering lives, Fox News is offering hopeful stories that almost every liberal outlet refuses to touch. Take Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett, who came down the coronavirus, and credits her doctor and hydroxychloroquine – and President Trump touting the anti-malarial drug on TV – for saving her life.

Where there is a national crisis, there is typically a leftist late night host attempting to politicize and exploit the situation. Count among them NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers, who hosted Senator Kamala Harris on Tuesday night’s show to skewer conservatives and President Trump alike.

In their rush to defend the World Health Organization from President Trump’s criticism of the agency’s failures in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, on Wednesday, journalists on CBS and ABC ignored that the WHO initially promoted false Chinese propaganda about the disease and routinely lavished the authoritarian regime with effusive praise.

Move over big government! One Big Tech leader is the latest mover and shaker of liberalism now. Twitter and Square head Jack Dorsey pledged a whopping 28 percent of his wealth to help fund coronavirus relief, and promised the rest to girl’s health and education and Universal Basic Income (UBI). Failed Democratic presidential primary candidate Andrew Yang, whom Dorsey mourned over when he left the race, proposed the "Freedom Dividend," or UBI, as one of his main issues.

Americans are trying to prioritize surviving a biblical plague and making sure society doesn’t collapse under the weight of an economic shutdown. So leave it to rich, pampered celebrities to remind us that boutique liberal causes need to remain at the forefront of the American to-do list.


Twitter automatically tags interests for accounts based on the user’s activity. However, it appears as if accounts are being flagged based on their interests. In at least one prominent user’s case, it may have caused his account to be suppressed. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell had announced in a Rose Garden press conference with President Trump that his company was going to switch from pillows to masks for health workers on March 30. “I was the No. 1 story,” he told the Media Research Center. “Everything went viral for two days.” But his Twitter account appeared to tell a different story.

Despite China covering up the coronavirus in 2019, the American media is intent on ignoring that and smearing the Trump administration as responsible for letting the virus spread. The co-hosts of ABC's The View kept up that convenient narrative on Wednesday's show by bringing on failed presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to trash Trump for promoting Hydroxychloroquine and claim he’s responsible for people dying.

A left-wing group funded with millions from liberal billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Network tried to get the FCC to label President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefings as “hoaxes.”  The attempt failed. The Federal Communications Commission “denied a request that it investigate and take action on a broadcast the petitioners allege has made material and deadly contributions to the spread of COVID-19: President Trump’s frequent press conferences,” according to TechCrunch April 6. Between 2004-2017, Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society and Open Society Institute gave at least $3,660,000 combined to Free Press, according to Foundation Directory Online data.

Are the Hispanic networks covering up unfavorable news for Joe Biden's presidential campaign? That's what it looks like. This time, it´s about a sexual harassment accusation against Joe Biden by Tara Reade, a former assistant of then-Senator Biden. It was not until the Spanish-speaking national network, Azteca America, published a radio interview with Reade and journalist Katie Harper, that the nation's Latino audience became aware of the issue.

On Wednesday, ABC’s Good Morning America incredibly hailed China as a “glimmer of hope” in the coronavirus pandemic while seeming to blame the Trump administration for not doing more to combat the global health crisis in late 2019 – when the seriousness of the disease was being covered up by China’s authoritarian communist regime.

Again, not everyone in Hollywood thinks President Trump is doing a terrible job with coronavirus. Actor Dennis Quaid thinks the opposite even with alt-left, Trump-hating outlet The Daily Beast trying to sway him. They claimed the hospitals "are criminally undersupplied right now," but Quaid replied “Well, to tell you the truth, I think the president is handling it in a good way.”

In reporting on America facing a critical shortage of N95 masks during this global pandemic, wouldn’t it make sense to look at how that happened and why America is in this position? Not according to CBS. On Wednesday, CBS This Morning’s Dr. Jon LaPook somehow ignored the fact that Barack Obama depleted the supply of masks and never restocked. You’ll never guess who does get mentioned for blame. (Well, you probably will: Donald Trump.)

Sports media, President Donald Trump, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and anyone else hinting at a fall return of sports took a brutal beating from Jay Mariotti in a Monday post on Barrett Sports Media. With carnage on the streets and the world nearing its end, this is absolutely the worst time in history to stick to sports, the bombastic Mariotti vented.