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After fact-checking President Donald Trump by using statements from CNN and The Washington Post, Twitter fired another salvo at Trump again over a tweet about the Minneapolis riots. 

As we all know, Michael Moore doesn’t much like America. And despite being a Pillsbury Doughboy doppelganger, he’s not a fan of white people either. He does like arson and destruction.

John King became the latest media personality on Thursday to claim that the deaths from COVID-19, which now exceed 100,000, will be "a devastating piece of the Trump legacy." Making things worse, the CNN Newsroom host utilized a video montage to claim that President Trump's inconsistencies make it even worse and that Trump is hurt by his own lack of empathy.

It looks like the media’s efforts to denigrate President Donald Trump’s management of the economy are bouncing off his economic support numbers. Sorry, CNN.

The CBS television network -- including its news and entertainment divisions -- has faced many financial hurdles over the past few years, which eventually led to a merger with the Viacom media conglomerate last December. Even though that combination gave the company access to more resources, the business has still had to deal with financial hardships, which led to a round of restructuring and layoffs on Tuesday.

The boys who would be girls in Connecticut have been told by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to pick on someone their own size. In a 45-page letter obtained Thursday by the Associated Press, DOE's civil rights division says a Connecticut policy allowing transgender males to compete in girls sports is a violation of Title IX and it may seek to withhold federal funding over the policy. In reaction to the news, the ACLU and SBNation Outsports are spitting fire.

Discussing the rioting in Minneapolis on today's Morning Joe, Al Sharpton began by saying that achieving a fair criminal justice system wouldn't be achieved by "appearing to be criminal yourself," warning that people would "exploit" that. Sharpton then said: "As I walked around Minneapolis yesterday . . . some of the stores that are being damaged are black-owned stores! So we cannot become so reckless that we are destroying each other in our rage. "

June has become “Pride Month,” so get ready for everything to turn rainbow colored as pop culture celebrates alternative genders and sexualities even more than usual. This has become big business as brands attempt to cash in on their wokeness and LGBTQABCDEFG inclusivity all month long.

On Wednesday, while the dominant liberal media continued to ignore the brewing scandal around New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's deadly decision to force nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, Fox News reported two new developments. Not only was it revealed that Cuomo's office has apparently tried to cover up his disastrous March 25 executive order by removing it from the state government's website, but the governor also signed a law last month forbidding lawsuits against nursing homes over COVID-19. 

Even before FX aired AKA Jane Roe, on May 22, the media quickly jumped on a “deathbed confession” from Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade. In the documentary, McCorvey claimed that she was paid and coached by the pro-life movement to convert to their side.

Between Wednesday and Thursday nights, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson was in rare form when discussing the riots in Minneapolis supposedly in appropriate response to the heinous, police-involved killing of African-American man George Floyd. Carlson didn’t mince words, noting that “news organizations like CNN” want Americans to “hate one another” and wondering if liberals would still support rioting if it involved destruction of their property.

]The headline news of this week has been horrifying. Heartbreaking. Heinous. Pick a negative adjective, and you can apply it to the senseless killing that occurred in Minnesota this week. If you have seen the video of a Minnesota law enforcement officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd until he suffocated to death, then you have probably experienced the same gut-churning feeling that the rest of the country has.

During a guest appearance on CNN’s The Situation Room Thursday evening, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon flipped out and doubled down on comments he made the previous night, blaming President Trump for the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. Insisting it was the “God’s honest truth,” Lemon decried how the U.S. attorney on the case had said the White House and the Justice Department were monitoring the case, yelling “no one wants to hear that!”

While downplaying Silicon Valley’s documented censorship of conservatives, Thursday’s CBS Evening News accused President Trump of picking a fight with Twitter because it was a distraction from the coronavirus death toll, which surpassed 100,000 earlier in the week. Yet, White House correspondent Ben Tracy couldn’t even bring himself to say that it was conservatives who were accusing Twitter of censoring them.

A little trip through the media elite's Instagram accounts can remind you which side of the culture wars they take. The other day, NBC business reporter/MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle posted a picture with her son Reese and the Hustler magazine owner Larry Flynt. Flynt is an atheist best known for beating a lawsuit from the Rev. Jerry Falwell after a parody in which he joked Falwell lost his virginity to his mother in an outhouse. Katie Couric celebrated radical gay crank Larry Kramer, who compared Reagan to Hitler.