Celebs React to Clinton Comment: It’s Actually a ‘Landfill’ of ‘Deplorables’

At an LGBT fundraiser this past weekend, Clinton lumped half of Trump supporters into what she called the “basket of deplorables,” labeling them as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic,” and “Islamophobic.” Predictably, her words were Twitter approved by some of her famous fans in the entertainment world.

Andy Lassner, the executive producer of The Ellen Show, tweeted as though he were a Trump supporter: “‘How dare she call us deplorable???!!’  –People whose tweets are about libtards, Killary, locking the bitch up and Kenyan Obama.”

Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, agreed. "Even if polls show that 76% of Trump supporters want to ban all Muslim immigrants and 40% say blacks are lazier than whites," he opined, "you can't just go around calling half of Trump supporters a basket of deplorables. The correct term is a duffel of dips**ts. That's that's what you were looking for there, so try and be accurate." 

Actor George Takei felt that some Trump supporters were hypocritical. “So let me get this straight,” he wrote, “Trump supporters are butt hurt because someone overgeneralized them and called them a mean name? Oh, the irony.”

Lizz Winstead, comedian and co-creator of The Daily Show, aired similar sentiments: “Look at me, I’m not deplorable, I just support a man who stiffs his workers, shits on Gold Star families & women and wants to ban Muslims.” Later, she posted another comment: “It’s really landfill of deplorables.”

Actor Rob Reiner retweeted a picture of Trump and his "cabinet" of deplorables, including Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Milo Yiannopoulos and Chris Christie. 

Model and avid Hillary supporter Chrissy Teigen commented: “It’s pretty simple. If you aren’t deplorable, she isn’t talking about you. Are you mad for your deplorable friends or something?”

Former actress Mia Farrow went further: “Actually, polls show not half but MOST Trump supporters hold racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic views.”

So much for spreading the love. 


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