Freeform Show: 'Now Is Not the Time' to Overturn Roe v. Wade

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Freeform’s Good Trouble timed a random pro-abortion criticism of conservative courts to air in an episode during the week of the March for Life. While hundreds of thousands of pro-life supporters are expected to gather in Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life Friday, liberal social justice warrior Callie Adams Foster bashes the desire of pro-life supporters to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In the episode titled “Gumboot Becky” that aired January 22, Callie (Maia Mitchell) is supporting her former boss, conservative Judge Curtis Wilson (Roger Bart) as he grieves the death of his son from a drug overdose. Callie takes the opportunity to compare her friend Malika’s work with Black Lives Matters to his grief. Just as the judge grieves his son, Callie tells Wilson that Malika’s friend grieves her son, Jamal. Jamal was killed by a policeman and Judge Wilson ruled the officer innocent of criminal behavior.

Black Lives Matter is protesting Judge Wilson’s appointment to a higher court. During their conversation in this episode, he asks Callie if she agrees that his nomination should be blocked.



Wilson: I'm sorry about what I did today.

Callie: Well, what you did out of grief and anger and wanting someone to be held accountable for your loss is understandable. That's what Malika was doing when she came into your chambers. It's what Jamal's mother wants for her son. And it's why Black Lives Matter is protesting your appointment.

Wilson: And I suppose you concur.

Callie: The conservative courts in this country have become completely partisan. They unapologetically protect the agenda of the powerful and the privileged and the religious right. They want to overturn Roe V. Wade. Ignoring the wishes of the majority of people who... support a woman's right to choose. So, if you're not going to respect settled law and equal protection for all, then, yes... I concur. I'm sorry, now is not the time.

Wilson: I appreciate your candor.

Callie: The last thing I'll say: I swear on my life that Malika did not know that they were protesting you. And she didn't leave because the people who are fighting for Black lives, for her life, were counting on her. And I think that's something you can respect.

Wilson: Your tenacity... will take you far, Callie Adams Foster.

Callie: I am truly sorry for your loss, Your Honor.

The conversation was awkwardly written. The inclusion of bashing conservative courts as partisan is laughable, as it can be argued that liberal courts are also partisan today. Does the Ninth Circuit in California ring a bell? Roe v. Wade has nothing to do with any of the rest of the conversation. Callie was taking the opportunity to speak up for Malika and made the comparison of Jamal’s mother to the judge – both grieving parents.

It was a cheap shot to bring in Roe v. Wade but when it comes to bashing conservatives, shows like Good Trouble on Freeform have no problem doing it. It looks as though social justice will be worked into the scripts whether it is relevant or not.

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