Colbert’s Showtime Cartoon Reveals 2018 Democrat Campaign Slogan: 'We’re Sorry'

Taking a swipe at the Democrats as the return of Our Cartoon President aired on Showtime, Stephen Colbert’s animated show has House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer come up with a new slogan for Democrats in the 2018 elections. The slogan “We're Sorry” was hatched to win back voters on the July 15 episode titled “Russia Investigation.”

Throughout the half-hour show, Pelosi and Schumer confess to the awful job the Democrats did in the 2016 election cycle due to bad messaging. (Sure, we’ll go with that!) After much deliberation, the two are finally ready to whittle down the message into two words: “I’m sorry.” This was after trying to squeeze every lame policy idea into one gigantic slogan, "Let's Achieve Access to Jobs and Healthcare and Affordable Rail Service for Disenfranchised Minorities While Protecting Our Environment and Combating Climate Change with the Wealthy Paying Their Fair Share, Plus a Humane Policy Toward Immigrants 2018."



Schumer: In 2016, we could have done a better job stopping Donald Trump literally every step of the way. Instead, we hoisted an authoritarian strongman onto our shoulders and gave him a piggyback to the White House.

Pelosi: It was kind of our one job not to let that happen.

Schumer: So today, we introduce our new simple, short slogan.

[Together:] "We're sorry."

Pelosi: And in 2018, we're going to apologize all the way to a modest Congressional majority and, once we're in power, present a technocratic 59-point plan of incremental tax credits...

Trump: Kids. We're gonna be just fine.

Trump kids: -Whoo-hoo! -Yes, Daddy!

Trump: Oh. Except you, Jared. You're going to jail.

Naturally, Trump is excited at this lame attempt, but you notice the standard trope that Trump is an authoritarian is included in Schumer’s dialogue and at the end, Trump tells everyone they’ll be “just fine,” except Jared. He’s going to jail.

During this episode, President Trump is called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about Mueller’s Russia investigation – the fever dream of leftists in America. He has been coached by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to speak as the upper crust speak but then is reminded by Schumer, "You actually connect with average Americans, and especially the below-average," so Trump bamboozles the Democrats on the committee. He outtalks Senator Cory Booker, which is no small feat, and leaves him frustrated as Trump proves he’s more in tune with the everyman than the coastal elites. He explains nachos to the Democratic committee members who have apparently never eaten them. After the testimony, President Trump’s polling approval numbers rise.

All this proved again that no matter what kind of jam he seems to get into, President Trump scores with regular Americans. That is something the show’s creator, liberal Stephen Colbert, has yet to learn. This show is still as lame as it was when it ended the first part of the season, it should have stayed off the air.

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