Bleah! Homer Simpson Caught Kissing Elizabeth Warren!

Viewers were met with an ugly sight in the opening scene of the latest episode of The Simpson's, "The Girl Code." Marge makes a surprise visit to the plant to deliver Homer’s lunch. In an attempt to make his office “a little more Marge-friendly,” Homer jumps up to hide a poster of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), putting it away with a kiss and saying, “See you soon, Liz-Liz.” BLEH!

At the same time, Lisa is being told by a new teacher in her coding class – a tough, butch-looking woman named Quinn - that she will receive preferential treatment as the only female student in the class. Sounds like something Elizabeth Warren would do.

Quinn: Hmm, looks like a real pencil fest. Well, look what we got here. One Silicon Sally in a roomful of dongle donkeys. 

Lisa: I just want to learn coding.

Quinn: You think I'm going to give you special treatment just because you ride a pink bike? Well, I am. Hit the front row, sister. 

Milhouse: Someone send me their notes! 

Marge: I had such a fun day with your daddy. And now to post the right picture that will show the whole world how perfect my life is. Oh, look. Daddy's ice cream is melting. (Gasps) Ooh, caption idea, caption idea. "Uh-oh, meltdown at the nuclear plant." 

After Homer is fired because of Marge's social media post of him eating ice cream at the plant, Lisa decides to create an app that will prevent people from posting impulsive things on the Internet that can lead to bad consequences.

Capitalizing on the victim card, Quinn tells Lisa if she wants to succeed in coding in the male dominated Silicon Valley, she must be tough and invites Lisa to join her team of feminist coders – “We did include one man in the spirit of gender tokenism.” Lisa names her new app Conrad, short for "The Consequences Eradicator.” But Conrad is not a “guy guy,” he’s a “British guy” she quickly assures the feminists. In the end, Conrad becomes sentient and escapes to Wikileaks - "It kind of smells in there, but whatever."

But wait. There’s more. We are treated to a parting jab at the welfare state of Greece at the end – Homer is paid by the Greek restaurant where he has been happily working as a dishwasher in Drachmas only to be told by Marge that the money is worthless. Bart says that if Homer was a real Greek, he’d quit his job and just live off the welfare state.

Marge: Homer your paycheck from the diner came, and it's for 2,000 drachmas. 

Homer: (Whooping) How much is that in dollars? 

Marge: Zero dollars.

Bart: Oh. If Dad was a true Greek, he'd quit his job and live off the welfare system, never paying a cent of taxes in his life. 

Out of the mouth of babes. Sadly, this is where America is headed, thanks to the likes of Elizabeth Warren. 

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