The Young Turks Bash Fox News Response To NFL Kneelers

In a video produced by The Young Turks internet site, commentator Rick Strom champions ex-NFL quarterback and anthem protestor Colin Kaepernick as a man who promoted life and equality while fighting injustices and bashes Fox News as Trump's state-sponsored network promoting gun manufacturers producing weapons to kill.

Strom's 5 1/2-minute video, titled ''Tomi Lahren And Laura Ingraham Get SCHOOLED By Kaepernick In 'Patriotism," opens with a segment on patriotism from the Ingraham Angle. Laura Ingraham featured a handgun produced by United Sporting Companies bearing the word "stand" along with stars and stripes. It's a "patriotic response to NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem," she says. A portion of the proceeds go to Honored American Veterans Afield, a group that works with wounded veterans and active military members.

Countering with photos of former pro football player Colin Kaepernick and NFL players taking a knee during pre-game anthem ceremonies, Strom said, "If Laura Ingraham thinks this is a fair response, no, NFL players kneeling, expressing themselves like how the First Amendment reads. ... NFL players she supports: Nick Bosa," a college player drafted by San Francisco in April who supports Trump and who once called Kaepernick a "clown."

Strom demanded to know, "How is a handgun patriotic? Plus, the American flag lookin' good on the side of that pistol ... not lookin' good ... a violation of the U.S. flag code ... ." The video also displayed a video clip of Second Amendment supporter and Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren saying, "I don't see color" and a photo of her attired in a red, white and blue, flag-themed outfit.

"Oh, by the way, (Lahren's clothing) also violated the U.S. flag code," Strom charged. "Nailed it. Guns and Rick Strom, we have a history. I personally think (spokesperson for the National Rifle Association) Dana Loesch is scum of the earth who sold her soul to (NRA chief executive) Wayne LaPierre and the NRA for some dead presidents." Strom declared her "un-American."

Strom said the gun is a device designed to kill, but, "NFL players pioneered by Colin Kaepernick, simply, simply, brought to life the gravely lethal injustices of minorities in this damn country. Kaepernick, in the long run, surrendered his livelihood because the fight is bigger than himself. ..."

Brad Johnson, CEO of United Sporting Companies, drew Strom's wrath for saying the "stand" gun is a great way to honor America and those serving in the military. And President Trump was ridiculed as a "white supremacist" who, in 2017, formed the Second Amendment Coalition.

Summing up, Strom asked, "How is this not a shot at NFL protesters? Take for example the limited edition of the 'stand' gun comes with a copy of the national anthem on a card that reads 'proudly stands for the national anthem' next to a picture of the fire arm. But what better way, with a network in Trump's pocket, to push a man's entire well-being and feature a story that riles up Trump's base more than Fred Trump (Donald Trump's late father) at a KKK rally? ..."

Strom asked: "Wanna hit the NFL protests even harder without understanding their entire message? Buy a gun? Wanna silence the kneelers? Buy a gun. With 'stand' on it. Wanna shoot the messengers? Buy this damn gun, you unpatriotic ―. Colin Kaepernick was kicked out of the league for not endorsing violence. Not promotion of manufacturers producing weapons to kill. He promoted the right to live, the right for equality and the injustices continue on Trump's state-sponsored network (Fox News)."

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