Rob Schneider Blasts PC Culture: ‘JOKES ARE F*CKING WORDS!’

Sounds like some comedians are finally starting to notice that their bread and butter may be at stake. On Friday, comedian and Adam Sandler sidekick Rob Schneider took to twitter to defend fellow comics Kevin Hart and Louis C.K., who have been recently put in the doghouse for their un-PC jokes. Regardless of whether you’re willing to defend either comedians, you have to admit that Schneider made some good points about outrage culture.

Following Kevin Hart’s recent stint on Ellen, during which the erstwhile 2019 Oscars host reconciled with high-profile LGBT saint Ellen Degeneres after backlash for his past “homophobic” tweets, Schneider took to Twitter to voice his approval. “I support @TheEllenShow supporting @KevinHart for real.” Schneider also added his own matter-of-fact rebuttal to Hart’s backlash with an honest remark about the stand-up industry in general.

He stated, “Comics are the ones who are supposed to say the horrible things we all think but don’t.”

This statement came just mere hours after Ellen’s sit-down with Hart caused the internet to combust in yet another P.C. outrage dumpster fire. You would think that Degeneres, America’s “favorite talk show host” and LGBTQ icon, would be able to douse some of the hatred espoused for Hart after his expulsion from the Oscars, but she wasn’t. Now Degeneres is facing her own-backlash for essentially rehabilitating Hart.

While he was at it, Schneider took up the defence of even greater social pariah, Louis C. K. He tweeted in all caps, “FREE LOUIS CK!! JOKES ARE WORDS YOU FUCKING MORON CUNTS!!”

This comes right after Louis C.K. got in trouble for blasting the Parkland High School gun control kids during a recent stand up routine, and while Schneider makes a good point in defending C. K., it doesn’t seem like Louis wants his comeback all that bad. How on earth does anyone go after the patron saints of lefty gun control and expect to have a pop culture career?

Still, Schneider nailed it when he concluded his tweets with a George Carlin quote: “Political correctness is just fascism disguised as manners.”

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