‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Gets an Erection, Still Convinced He’s a Girl

July 1st, 2016 4:06 PM

Most parents take their kids to the doctor, or to have operations, for football injuries, really bad cases of strep, perhaps the kid fell off their bike? Or, had some kind of mishap in the pool?

Or, maybe your transgender son, who thinks he’s a girl, needed his testosterone blocker switched out, and gets an erection during recovery? No?

Well, on Wednesday night’s edition of TLC’s I Am Jazz, titled “Your Body May Be Rejecting the Implant,”…that happened:

Jazz: What happened?

Mom: You had your surgery, baby. You're done. I'm gonna lift your head up. You're all done.

Sander: Look, you got a heart.

Nurse: So, they put some numbing medicine here, too, okay? So...

Jazz: Oh, it's a heart.

Mom: Like, "Okay, she's awake, she's acting weird, but jazz is weird." Are you uncomfortable?

Jazz: I have a boner. I'm sorry.

Sander: Did you hear what she said? I sometimes forget that she has that down there.

Jazz: Is that bad?

Mom: Yeah, you're filming, baby. You're being filmed.

Jazz: Oh.

Mom: I did not see this coming, but she's awake, and she's laughing, and it's good. I love you so much. I was worried about you. I was really worried.

Jazz: Why?

Mom: 'Cause I felt like it was taking longer, and I didn't get to see you, and then when you're laying here with the mask on, I don't like that.

Jazz: I'm doing great. You shouldn't be worried, mom.

Mom: I was very worried. But I'm okay now. Love you.

Jazz: I love you, too. She is my mom, so it's kind of like she's overreacting, but it's okay, 'cause I do understand it. She's nervous about me, and that's a good thing, but hopefully, she'll realize that everything went well and that there was no reason to get upset.

Nurse: Up you go.

(Brother points to Jazz’s hospital wristband)

Mom: I know, I know.

Sander: Why?

Mom: She knows.

Sander: I do not understand that at all.

Mom: It's okay. When I see that Jazz is listed as a male on her wristband, it has my blood boiling.

Isn’t it fun when the “Party of Science,” represented here by this radical, leftist family and their son who thinks he’s a girl, clashes with actual science? This teenage boy thinks he’s a girl, and because of what he “believes,” he feels he should be treated as such.

However, to the learned people of medical science, who have to deal with the reality of what the human body actually is, and not what psychologically ill teenagers want to believe. He gets labeled based on truth, and not some mentally disordered fantasy.

After all, and I’m no scientist, but women don’t get “boners.” Just saying.