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No sooner had Sen. Bernie Sanders announced he was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, did the media rush to demand his socialist policy vision live on in the Democrat party. On Thursday’s The View, the hosts also passionately urged Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden to embrace Sanders’ proposals for universal health care, saying he “has to listen” to Bernie because he’s “been proven right” in this coronavirus pandemic.

Isn't it hilarious to find out that some of the rich and famous folks who look down on you for not believing in “science” also peddle absolutely insane conspiracy theories that put people at risk?

On Wednesday afternoon, shortly after socialist Senator Bernie Sanders announced he would be dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd hoped that the far-left lawmaker’s radical “vision” would live on and even be implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

CBS This Morning hosts on Thursday eagerly promoted a new alternate reality episode of The Good Fight in which Hillary Clinton has won the 2016 election and is now president. Star Christine Baranski appeared on the show to declare this “my favorite episode that I've done in the ten years” on the series. 

MSNBC host Chris Hayes infuriated Team Trump with a tweet on Wednesday night unspooling the kooky conspiracy theory that the White House “rolled out the model showing 100k deaths after they knew it would be less than that so they could anchor everyone to that # and take a vicotry [sic] lap when ‘only’ tens of thousands died.”

ABC is quietly sweeping under the rug their own sensational report they hyped all day Wednesday, which suggested the Trump administration ignored warnings of an impending pandemic, back in November. That report is now in dispute, as the very military intelligence agency which ABC’s unnamed sources cited, has come out denying the existence of such an intelligence assessment.

With everyone’s attention focused on the coronavirus outbreak, a reporter affiliated with the Communist Party of China took advantage of an opportunity on Monday to attend a press briefing and ask President Trump questions that led him to ask if she is “working for China.” The woman who attended the briefing is actually aligned with the Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV outlet and a member of the White House Foreign Press Group with rotating access to White House press briefings.

Clemson University football coach Dabo Swinney's confidence in America to gain the upper hand on COVID-19 is misplaced "jingoistic bravado" and an "embrace of ignorance." From Dabo to the Dumbo in the White House, it's part of conservative efforts to socially distance themselves from science, says Deadspin writer Jim Rich.

Since the Orange Man has stated that hydroxychloroquine could be great aid in treating coronavirus, liberals reflexively reacted that it must be bad. All evidence pointing to the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine must now be written off by them as some sort of Trump delusion based upon only anecdotal evidence. In addition, anybody touting that treatment must be derided along with Trump. 

A big example of this attitude came on Tuesday in Politico with a rather hostile attitude towards Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

With British Prime Minister Boris Johnson still in intensive care with COVID-19 on Wednesday, MSNBC's Keir Simmons reporting from London wondered if Johnson's "populist politics" may have something to do with his illness.

Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri has frequently used humor in her items (usually placed in Saturday’s print edition), so it was no surprise when her latest item tried to concoct a post-apocalyptic view of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as a fanatic, heartless, ruthless scourge still confirming federal court judges despite the fact that “a great serpent swallowed the Earth.”

As the death toll of the Wuhan Virus continued to climb in New York and set new grime records, many had started to criticize the state and local governments for dragging their feet in the beginning. Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News was the only evening broadcast program to direct criticism at something other than the Trump administration. A few hours later, CNN host Chris Cuomo used Prime Time to give Andrew Cuomo, his brother and governor of New York, a forum to bash those critics.

Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem has been building up to some steamy romance between the male and female witch recruits. Nothing would prepare teen viewers, however, for over two minutes devoted to the recruits brazenly having sex with each other up against trees, in fields, and in plain view and hearing of others.

We’ve now been shown just five episodes of Hulu’s series Little Fires Everywhere, and there has already been plenty of liberal lecturing so far. But the Kerry Washington/Reese Witherspoon-produced drama isn’t done lecturing yet. On Wednesday’s sixth episode, “The Uncanny,” there were jabs at President Ronald Reagan, Christians, and motherhood.

Wednesday’s New York Times featured political reporter Matt Flegenheimer's 1,200-word anti-Trump screed disguised as a “news analysis”: “Is Our Most Important Election Ahead, or Is It Behind Us?” He quoted various Democratic candidates calling 2020 “the most important election” of our lives, then laid every bit of blame for the coronavirus response at the feet of President Trump: "Of course, the answer to Mr. Trump’s initial prompt has always been evident to most Democrats. At stake were health care plans, immigration policies, a generation of court seats and now, they say, many lives that would not have been lost to the coronavirus under more capable executive stewardship."