Noam Chomsky Calls GOP Most Dangerous Organization 'in Human History'

Republicans are the absolute worst! According to the leftist Noam Chomsky, anyway.

The self-proclaimed anarchist MIT professor declared on May 10 Republicans were not only “the most dangerous organisation on earth,” but the most dangerous “in human history.” Chomsky attacked the political party in an interview with BBC Newsnight, because of his disapproval of GOP views on climate change.

“But you’re rating them worse than the Kim Jong-un of North Korea or ISIS?” BBC host Evan Davis asked in disbelief.

Chomsky replied, “Is ISIS dedicated to trying to destroy the prospects for organized human existence?”

Republicans are worse than the North Korean dictator and the murderous Islamic extremists, according to Chomsky, because they are not only “not doing anything about climate change,” but are “trying to accelerate the race to the precipice.”

In his view, that is worse than 100 million deaths driven by Communism, and the ongoing ISIS genocide of Christians and enslavement of Yazidi women. ISIS has crucified children for not properly observing Ramadan, mutilated pregnant women, and raped infants. But they haven’t disputed climate change alarmism!

Chomsky then addressed Christians, saying people should not use their belief in Christ’s imminent return as an excuse to “use more fossil fuels” and “refuse to subsidize developing countries.”

“If that’s the consequence, that’s extremely dangerous,” Chomsky said.

Chomsky is no stranger to outrageous, offensive statements. He claimed George W. Bush’s “crimes vastly exceed [Osama] bin Laden’s” in 2011. He has also claimed there is no “anti-Semitic connotation” in denying the Holocaust. In 2009, he claimed conservatives pinning American problems on liberals was like German Nazis vilifying Jews.

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