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The Wall Street Journal editorial board is known as a voice for conservatism, but that doesn't mean it's always fair to conservatives. Today's paper carries an editorial titled "The Senate's Iran Helpers," and that singles out liberal Senators Bernie Sanders and Chris Murphy, as well as conservative Sen. Mike Lee. They have a resolution to direct the removal of U.S. armed forces aiding in Yemen "that have not been authorized by Congress.” The Journal lectures Sen. Lee to review his "pocket Constitution" on the separation of powers, but really gets rough at the end, suggesting Lee's resolution is a "gratuitous gift to Iran."

On Monday’s episode of Lifetime’s euthanasia drama, Mary Kills People, the friends and family of underground euthanasia practitioner Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) start doubting the supposed good of assisted suicide. Yet despite the doubts (and the title of the show), Mary still insists, “I’m not a killer.” In the episode titled “The Connection,” Mary’s sister, Nicole, begs to accompany Mary to kill a woman dying of cancer. The sisters do the woman’s make-up and listen to her reminisce about her life before helping her commit suicide. However, Nicole becomes incredibly uncomfortable with the euthanasia and argues with a calm Mary over her motives. Nicole exclaims, “You're acting like we didn't just kill another human being!"

MSNBC host Chris Matthews has a well-known reputation for being rather eccentric and Monday night’s “Trump Watch” on Hardball was no exception. After complaining about Special Counsel Robert Mueller going “soft” on President Trump for most of the program, Matthews capped it off by oddly championing Mueller as a “starfish” caught in a “battle to the death” with Trump the “clam.”

College basketball players from Michigan, California, LSU and other schools took an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii to roam the beaches and play in the 2017 Maui Classic, while the University of Georgia and Oklahoma football teams got wined and dined at this year's Rose Bowl. They are merely slaves enduring a racist system that won't pay them, says basketball Hall of Famer Spencer Haywood (in photo). He was given a large internet forum to advocate for socialism and a redistribution of wealth by Sean Deveney of The Sporting News.

In Sunday’s Washington Post, art critic Philip Kennicott unloaded on images of American “fascism” in a new exhibit in New York featuring photographs of the unjust internment of Japanese Americans during World War II titled "Then They Came For Me." That’s somehow comparable to Trump if he deported “Dreamers.” That would be a "looming civic crisis." The online headline was “If America fails its people again, what will the catastrophe look like?” In the paper, it was simply "Images that provoke deja vu." In his 1,571 words, Kennicott never used these words: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Or any reference to the Democratic Party.

Shortly after the Parkland, Florida high school massacre, the Associated Press and New York Daily News treated the fact that the NRA had given $10,000 in non-cash assistance to the school's Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, of which Nikolas Cruz had been a member, as some kind of scandal. Now, buried deep in a Friday Florida Sun Sentinel story, we learn that JROTC's leaders "banned Cruz from firing guns with the group during shooting practice" way back in September, 2016. That's more than a legion of others did to stop Cruz or get him help during the next 17 months.

On Monday, Deadline: White House absentee host Nicolle Wallace found a sufficiently emotive replacement in Peter Alexander, who managed to suggest within the first four minutes that President Trump’s tweets constituted obstruction of justice.

New on March 19: Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein, appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources, rued an “authoritarian, demagogic president.” Yet he then insisted the press must be “rigidly reportorial, not go beyond what we know” and not be “provocative.” And he celebrated how “we have seen, in the last year, the greatest reporting on the presidency of the United States, by a great number of news organizations that we’ve seen in the last 50, 60 years.”

Hollywood tends to ignore or downplay Christian themes. So it was a surprise when the film I Can Only Imagine, a Christian movie about the story behind the popular song from the band MercyMe, did well in theaters, it beat the LGBT film Love, Simon, at the box office over the weekend. 


Displaying the liberal cable channel’s eager anticipation for Saturday’s gun control protest in Washington D.C., the March for Our Lives, on Monday, MSNBC aired a gushing ad celebrating the movement to restrict gun rights.

ABC’s The View started off the week with a largely cozy interview with Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), a potential 2020 challenger to President Trump. Meghan McCain pressed Booker on the fact that Robert Mueller’s team of investigators is stuffed with registered Democrats and Hillary Clinton donors. Booker kept changing the subject to Trump’s manners.

It would be interesting to know if there’s a “pay gap” at CNN. If so, it’s terribly unfair. The network’s female employees run down all things Trump with just as much skill and vigor as their male colleagues. CNN International and PBS host Christiane Amanpour was a guest on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show on Thursday. She came to promote her new show Sex and Love Around the World, but stayed to tell Noah that she enjoyed his “wonderful profile of Trump’s new chief economic advisor.”

Taking a rare break from Trump-shaming, Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver moved onto the next most opportune object of late-night derision: Vice President Mike Pence. Certainly not as bombastic or controversial as his boss, Donald, the VP has inspired loathing on the left simply because of his disciplined adherence to conservative values. Commenting on Pence’s grey hair, Oliver started off by calling him an “ashen weasel” or “the opposite of a silver fox.”

On her MSNBC show on Monday, anchor Andrea Mitchell conducted a softball interview with Democratic Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan on his plan to hire just-fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in order save the federal law enforcement official’s pension. As the segment came to a close, the liberal lawmaker credited Mitchell for giving him the idea.

It’s been nine days since Hillary Clinton, on a visit to India, disparaged the voters who elected Donald Trump as President in 2016. This weekend, some Democrats openly broke with Clinton over the comments, while the ex-candidate herself felt the need to engage in a bit of backpedaling in a Facebook message posted Saturday afternoon. Given the blowback, you’d imagine that the broadcast networks would have found at least a few moments for this controversy. You’d be wrong.