Daily Show: Chivalry Is Dead and Feminism Killed It

Feminism was necessary when women didn’t have the same rights as men. But now that they do, feminists have to find something to complain about. Rather than admit they are already equal, they found a new way to find men sexist.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian author of A Feminist Manifesto and 15 Suggestions, appeared on The Daily Show on Thursday to talk about how men can be a champion for feminism. She believes that men only listen to men, except Obama, he’s “feminist and cool.”

Talking about male feminists, “You can change women all you want. If you don’t change men, nothing changes.” Men only listen to men, except Obama, he’s “feminist and cool.”

Kind of hard for men to change when they are constantly confused as to what feminists want.

She likes the idea of being nice to others but not if it is for chivalrous reasons. And definitely not if it was a man because, “The idea of holding a door for a woman because she's a woman, I have trouble with it. I'm quite happy for people to hold the door for me, but I hope they're not doing it because of this sort of idea of chivalry. Because chivalry is an idea that women are somehow weak and need protecting.”



God forbid men want to be nice and hold the door for them. That’s a classic case of sexist behavior and needs to be stopped immediately. Men can’t win. No matter what they do; feminists find it sexist. If a man were to slam the door in their face. They would find it sexist.

She has a problem with the idea of women and children leaving first in a crisis too. Saying that men and women are both strong and should be equal. Instead people who are “weak, unwell, young” should leave regardless of gender.

No wonder chivalry is dead. Feminists keep yelling at men again and again when they are just trying to be nice. Eventually they will stop trying.

Lena Dunham doesn’t want men to tell her to watch her step. And Adichie doesn’t want men to hold the door for them. What will they find next?

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