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Alexa is MRC Culture's On TV blog editor. She has previously worked for Students for Life for America and Citizens United Productions. Alexa graduated in 2006 from Washington & Lee University.

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Trouble in paradise! ABC's "Mistresses" has been pushing polygamy and polyamory lately, but in the most recent episode, titled "Murder She Wrote," they discover three person relationships are hard!

In this scene, Alec and Vivian (who are married to each other) are fighting about the fact that Alec didn't tell her he had sex alone with Karen (who is the third person in their polyamory relationship) while Vivian was away.


Yikes! Not content to push the envelope with prime time TV's first polyamorous relationship, ABC's 'Mistresses' just went even further over the line with this same sex kiss between the two women in the threesome relationship - in a church, right in front of a priest!

The ESPYs brought back the discredited Ferguson "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" narrative. In the awards show's opening montage, the St. Louis Rams players' protest gesture was shown while the narrator said, "sports inspires in so many ways, whether it's through ... simply a gesture." Ironically, the next line was "Sports has the power to connect us" - hard to think of a worse example of people connecting than Ferguson. Watch:


Gay marriage is sooooo last week! This week, polygamy is in!

Apparently graphic gay sex and threesomes are way too cliche and passe these days, Hollywood had to find a new way to push the envelope. So ABC's "Mistresses" introduced polygamy to prime time network TV in a big way in the episode titled "Threesomes."

The previous episode saw Karen (Yunjin Kim) in a threesome with her own doctor, Alec, and his wife, Vivian, whose life Karen had just saved by donating her rare blood type... don't ask.

Good news for Ken Karn (Brían F. O'Byrne)! On last night's episode of the 60's crime drama Aquarius, "Sick City," his character becomes the California Campaign Finance Chair for Richard Nixon. The bad news is, this means that Nixon's people are going to look into him. If they do their job, they will find out what the rest of us know from watching the show: that his 16 year-old daughter ran away from home to live in a hippie enclave with Charles Manson, he had/has a gay love affair with Manson, he used Manson to hook himself and his powerful RNC friends up with prostitutes, and he helped cover it up when one of the girls went missing.

In this week’s episode of 'Aquarius,' “Cease to Resist,” Detectives Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny) and Brian Shafe (Grey Damon) are investigating the murder of a closeted gay actor. Hodiak convinces Shafe to go undercover at a gay bar to try to get some leads.

What’s interesting here is that the older Hodiak is the more traditional character, a World War II vet who is ashamed that his son is a Vietnam War deserter, while the younger Shafe is more socially progressive with a black wife and child. But they have the opposite reactions to homosexuality than what you might expect:

Last night, the Wayward Pines episode ‘Betrayal’ brought us a creepy look inside the town’s school again. The attitude towards parents’ relationships with their children is a Leftist indoctrination dream: “Your job is to feed them and keep them safe. Let us do the rest.” School is a secretive place where parents aren’t even allowed inside the building.


The Fox TV show 'Wayward Pines' is an M. Night Shyamalan mystery-thriller, which means that all is not as it seems and there are major plot twists and turns. If you don't want the 6th episode 'Choices' or the series spoiled, don't read any further!


The Astronaut Wives Club

When I saw the previews for "The Astronauts Wives Club" were set to the Meghan Trainor song that goes "I know you lie cause your lips are moving," I just knew the new ABC show would set its sights on tearing down America's heroes by showing them in an unflattering light - and I was right.