Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, has found his voice yet again to speak out on another political issue and against the possibility of another war breaking out in Iran. Kerr made news on Friday by replying to an article written by The Week. The article highlighted an apparent flaw made by Vice President Mike Pence when listing 10 of the largest “atrocities” committed by Iranian General Qasem Soleimani that contributed to President Trump’s decision to call a drone strike.

Disgruntled America hater Colin Kaepernick just won't give it up. The activist who threw his football career away has accused the U.S. of targeting minorities after American forces used a drone strike to kill an Iranian terrorist responsible for many atrocities. "Imperialism" against black and brown people, says Kaepernick in his latest caustic Tweet.

Even progressives can be seen as racists now, people like former NBA Commissioner David Stern, who died New Year's Day at the age of 77. ESPN's Jeremy Schaap called him the greatest leader of any sports league ever, a man who will be remembered for elevating the NBA. The Nation's Dave Zirin alleges Stern globalized the NBA brand while simultaneously championing progressive causes and racist policies while serving as commissioner from 1984 to 2014.

It was an inevitable, though farcical and ridiculous, ploy of the left-stream media to hoist Colin Kaepernick onto a pedestal in a review of sports in the past decade. USA Today's For The Win blog argues that he was the most important athlete of the decade. This is not a joke!

Part satire, part snark and part sarcasm, the New York Daily News writer Filip Bondy consults a crystal ball and reveals his political leanings in his sports predictions for 2020. In a Saturday post, Bondy says he's returned to writing after advising Democrat Beto O’Rourke in his political campaigns, and he disses Republican golfers and others concerned about high tax rates. The notion of participation awards for non-winning athletes also reaches the highest level of sports in Bondy's scope of things.

It's a big, wacky and extremely wide world of sports as seen through the bizarre lens of SB Nation Outsports. It's also an expanding world, as Outsports just recognized its first-ever "Non-Binary Person of the Year": Dominique "SonicFox" McLean, a esports superstar and also a "furry." Not to mention the Republicans' worst friend.

Hardcore socialist Dave Zirin, sports editor of The Nation magazine, characterizes 2019 as a time of political resistance and victory against Trumpian white nationalists. His heroes shone in spite of the "orange smear" in the White House, and he also issued a call to arms for young journalist comrades to take up the social justice fight beyond the playing field.

The Atlantic magazine writer Jemele Hill launched an attack this week on pro golfers Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson for agreeing to play in a January tournament in the oppressive nation of Saudi Arabia. She also accuses President Donald Trump and other Republicans of hypocrisy for lashing out at the NBA and China two months ago, while remaining silent about Saudi Arabia's atrocities.

Father doesn't know best in the home of a retired NBA superstar. Not Dwyane "D" Wade, who says he needs to get up to speed with his 12-year-old trans son Zion. Far more woke presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro do get it, though, and they're exploiting Zion's personal confusion to cater to LGBT voters.

Nike's progressivism has reared its ugly head again with a new LeBron James television commercial calling for an end to humble beginnings. USA Today is raving about it is as an incredible and entertaining ad. On the other hand, Fox Sports 1 Speak For Yourself host Jason Whitlock says it's a destructive Marxist utopian message that discounts the importance of the nuclear family.

Democrats omitted the "trivial little" matter of "high crimes and misdemeanors" from their impeachment of President Donald Trump, and USA Today's Nancy Armour follows their lead in her sports version of "impeachment." She rationalizes her mockery of sports impeachments because the Republicans are doing the same with the political impeachment.

Liberty University, the school the Left loves to hate on, won their first bowl game ever Saturday. School founder Jerry Falwell Sr. once envisioned this program rivaling Alabama's and Notre Dame's, and while the Flames have a long way to go to reach that point, they were prime for a torching the day before facing Georgia Southern, by Jordan Ritter Conn, a blogger for The Ringer.