In reporting on the World Series Champion Washington Nationals visiting the White House Monday, reporters and President Donald Trump expressed surprise that a key player on the team wore a MAGA hat. USA Today played the story pretty fairly, but The Washington Post and The Week were decidedly critical.

Most media reports of President Donald Trump's attendance at a Saturday night UFC event at Madison Square Garden claim he was soundly booed, with some cheering. The president and his son called it a positive reaction, but Newsweek disputed their claims. A Vox story said videos taken from different places in the arena varied on the president's reception, and biased and fair reporting was evident as well.

The loony Left puts another dent in American culture. On Long Island, a goofy concoction known as the "lopsided score committee" suspended a high school football coach who recently directed his team to a victory exceeding Big Brother's allowable 42 points! Just another day at the office for ridiculous regressives.

As the Deadspin empire crumbles to the ground and fresh copy is hard to find on the site, sports talkers Jason Whitlock and Clay Travis delivered "eulogies" that weren't pretty. Many of the irreverent leftist writers and editors at Deadspin have quit or been fired for refusing new management's order to do straight sports.

One clearly does not need to be in the concussion protocol to demonstrate how utterly foggy their minds are about things that matter. Take Christie Aschwanden, a writer for Wired, whose grasp of the controversy surrounding transgenders in sports defies explanation. She raves about the success of males in women's sports and promotes a handicap system that would use an algorithm to account for physiological, social and socioeconomic considerations to even the playing field among genders.

The Deadspin blog is getting a major make-over, and its run as "sports news without access, favor or discretion" is coming to an end. New management issued a memo Monday ordering writers to stick to sports, and the memo was leaked to The Daily Beast.

The District of Columbia gave Donald Trump just 12,723 votes (4.1 percent) in the 2016 presidential election and an arctic cold reception Sunday night at the World Series. The media echo chamber reported he was booed and treated to a "lock him up" chant at Game 5 in Nationals Park.

Without any NFL-style political correctness to protect them, three high school football coaches in New Orleans recently lost their jobs. The head coach and two assistant coaches at St. Augustine High School are now unemployed because their players were singing an n-laced fight song before their games. If that happened in the NFL, the commissioner who hired vulgar rapper Jay-Z to direct Super Bow halftime entertainment would probably look the other way, writes New York Post sports columnist Phil Mushnick.

Talk about a long wind-up leading to media coverage of the World Series! USA Today's Gabe Lacques' Saturday story on a Houston Astros controversy started with a six-paragraph hit piece on President Donald Trump. Lacques writes how the president will arrive late at Game 5 in Washington D.C., so as not to delay fan arrival for the big game, and by the way, Trump has a low approval rating and 44 percent of Americans want him to be impeached.

The ongoing World Series is shedding a bright light on the Washington Nationals' devotion to the LGBTQ rainbow nation. Compared to the Houston Astros, who ''do nothing'' to appease LGBTQ pressure groups, the Nationals are A-OK, writes Jim Buzinski on SB Nation's Outsports LGBT blog.

As an estimated 5,000 anti-Redskins protesters were expected to march and rally at Thursday night's NFL game in Minneapolis, they had the full support of The Washington Postt. Des Bieler's story gave advance voice to the protesters just 30 days after his colleague Kevin Blackistone declared that opponents of the Redskins' nickname are winning the war of words.

What? Making Colin Kaepernick the face of a mega-campaign in 2018 wasn't spiking the ball for social justice sufficient for Nike? The ever-outrageous, loose soccer cannon Megan Rapinoe is now the latest radical campaign face for the far Left Swoosh. Headquartered on the Left Coast, Nike's certainly become the torch-bearer for America's most notorious athletes.