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CNN's Brianna Keilar badgered Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson on Thursday's Wolf program over his recent comment on LGBT issues: "I didn't remember any times when there were signs up that people have to drink at this fountain. I was a little irritated." Keilar repeatedly asked Carson: "Do you think that gay Americans are discriminated against?" When the candidate refused to give a direct answer, the journalist reprimanded him: "If you're running for president, I think it's fair to ask you this question. Part of being a candidate is to answer questions."

One clue that the New York Times might have gone too far by publishing aggressive hit pieces on Marco Rubio: Even Andrea Mitchell thinks the liberal paper made a mistake. After playing a clip of Jon Stewart mocking the Times, Mitchell said of the articles on the Republican's speeding habits and his lack of wealth: "How is [this] front page news?" 

In a report for Thursday’s NBC Today about Bill Clinton saying he would stop giving paid speeches if Hillary was elected president, correspondent Andrea Mitchell lamented: “The charity has been lauded for its good works but both Clintons are being hounded by questions about potential conflicts of interest from donors and high-dollar speeches.”

ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday ignored a new report indicating that Hillary Clinton's favors for donors to her family's foundation go back to her days as a U.S. Senator. CBS This Morning allowed 42 seconds on the Clinton Foundation scandal in general, but didn't specifically mention the new allegations. "Former President Bill Clinton is defending his family's charity and rejecting charges that some contributors are looking for political favors." 

On Thursday morning, ABC and NBC continued their blackout of the Obama administration’s plan to use the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the airline industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

For the third time in just under three weeks, the major broadcast networks ignored news related to the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the latest news coming on Wednesday that the agency has announced its goal to regulate aircraft emissions in a similar fashion that it does for automobiles and powerplants. FNC's Special Report and the PBS NewsHour, however, found time to inform their viewers of the agency’s latest foray into the economy.

Once again, NBC Nightly News offered the lone segment on the 2016 presidential campaign during its Wednesday program by choosing to hit expected Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush for some recently announced changes in his staff that interim anchor Lester Holt ruled has “overshadowed” his trip to Europe this week. Leading into senior White House correspondent Chris Jansing’s report from Berlin, Germany, Holt hyped that “his travels are being overshadowed by the drama in his unofficial campaign just days before he's expected to go all in.”

Following news on Wednesday that the Obama administration will send 450 additional U.S. troops back to Iraq to help train the Iraqi military against ISIS, ABC’s World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News chose to exclude any criticism of the Obama administration’s ISIS policy while NBC Nightly News made multiple critical points about the administration as Richard Engel declared: “It’s hard to see how a few hundred non-combat troops are going to make much of a difference.”

Alex Wagner, along with her three liberal guests, ripped Jerry Seinfeld on her MSNBC program on Wednesday, for his blast at "creepy" political correctness. Wagner hinted that Seinfeld had "fallen behind the times." New York magazine's Annie Lowrey mocked his critique: "I kind of roll my eyes at Jerry Seinfeld. You know, he's a billionaire – like I don't feel sorry for him if people don't laugh hard enough at his jokes."

Salon has never met a political subject that they couldn’t twist into a race issue. That trend continued in their latest hit piece, this one on right-leaning libertarians. Author Conor Lynch suggested that libertarians owe their political positions to their desire to protect white male dominance.

After comedian Jerry Seinfeld told ESPN radio that political correctness on college campuses was hurting comedy, Wednesday’s CBS This Morning was the only network news broadcast to report on the topic. Fill-in co-host Jeff Glor declared: “Jerry Seinfeld thinks young people today are too politically correct for his comedy....The former sitcom star is raising some controversy, calling out millennials for not being able to laugh.”

On the June 10 edition of MSNBC Live, Thomas Roberts chose to highlight a non-scientific poll that showed several Republican candidates for president polling behind Voldemort from Harry Potter. MSNBC Live regular Frances Rivera noted that the Terminator, the shark from Jaws, and Lord Voldemort all had higher favorability ratings than many of the major Republican players.