By Callista Ring | December 9, 2016 | 12:15 PM EST

Singer Taylor Swift’s rapid rise to fame transformed her from “the girl next door” into edgy pop star, and nothing makes that more evident than her latest single. According to The New York Times, Swift collaborated with former One Direction member Zayn Malik to create a song for “Fifty Shades Darker,” the sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a film that revolves around the sexual relationship between a female college graduates and a BDSM-obsessed billionaire.

By Sam Dorman | December 9, 2016 | 10:52 AM EST

Media outlets hyped former vice president Al Gore’s recent meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump. Since becoming a full time climate alarmist Gore has earned wealth and the accolades of the liberal news and entertainment media. His slideshow turned him into the “darling of Hollywood” according to the news media.

By Callista Ring | December 6, 2016 | 2:49 PM EST

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign received unprecedented Hollywood support, from super PACs to TV shows, to social media, to concert endorsements. But actor Dean Cain warned celebrities, “Be careful about the things you say and vilifying the other side because it can come back to bite you.” On “Fox & Friends” on December 6, Cain, who stars in the film about convicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell, Gosnell, discussed Hollywood’s “political activism.” In light of recent statements made by actress Sally Field and singer Madonna, Cain argued that it’s “fine” if a celebrity wants to have a “cogent argument,” but “a lot of these folks are out there shouting down opponents and talking down to other people and that very much can backfire.”

By Callista Ring | December 5, 2016 | 11:46 AM EST

After facing outrage due to an Amnesty International ad calling for the “repeal of the eighth” amendment to expand abortion rights in Ireland, actor Liam Neeson has stepped down as president of his childhood boxing club. Locals and Catholic groups were angered by Neeson lending his voice to the film that some called “shockingly offensive,” according to Yahoo Movies UK

By Callista Ring | December 2, 2016 | 1:50 PM EST

Although Donald Trump’s election left singer and Hillary Clinton enthusiast Katy Perry feeling “vulnerable, confused and frightened like a child,” Perry gushed that it was Clinton who gave her a “new,” "more determined” voice. According to Cosmopolitan, at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball on Tuesday night, Perry was presented with the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award by none other than surprise guest, her “hero,” Hillary Clinton!

By Melissa Mullins | November 30, 2016 | 11:42 PM EST

In the new Winter issue of Jocks & Nerds magazine, singer John Legend sounded more like a promotional advertisement for President Barack Obama’s presidency… than say…a celebrity entertainer interviewed for a publication. Obama is "scandal-free"? We are "already missing" the Obamas?

By Callista Ring | November 28, 2016 | 4:21 PM EST

Communist dictator Fidel Castro executed hundreds and exiled thousands over the course of his reign. But that’s not what celebrities and the liberal media are remembering the Cuban dictator for, following his death on November 25. Actor Danny Glover, a frequent guest to Castro’s Cuba, tweeted, “Fidel Castro was a great revolutionary. Learn more about his life & legacy.” In the tweet, he linked to an article detailing a roundtable discussion on the “Cuban revolutionary leader.” 

By Callista Ring | November 23, 2016 | 11:53 AM EST

Director of the anti-capitalist The Big Short is now coming out with a film about former Vice President Dick Cheney. Director Adam McKay will team up with Paramount and Plan B for the untitled Cheney film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will depict Cheney’s transition from CEO at Halliburton to vice president of the United States. Production will supposedly begin in the spring for release in late 2017.

By Callista Ring | November 22, 2016 | 3:37 PM EST

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…people could enjoy a movie without liberals injecting their politics into it. It’s too late for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, whose writer Chris Weitz contentiously tweeted in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.” Original story creator Gary Whitta then responded to the tweet, “Opposed by a multicultural group led by brave women,” according to an article on the feminist news site The Mary Sue. Weitz and Whitta deleted their tweets after outrage from the Twittersphere.

By Sarah Stites | November 22, 2016 | 11:08 AM EST

According to comedian Tim Allen, Hollywood liberals need to practice what they preach. On the November 21 segment of The Kelly File, Allen joined host Megyn Kelly to discuss model Gigi Hadid’s distasteful mimicking of Melania Trump at Sunday’s American Music Awards.

By Sarah Stites | November 21, 2016 | 3:27 PM EST

Following the Hamilton cast’s public message to Mike Pence at a weekend performance he attended, Twitter erupted into controversy surrounding the appropriateness of the comments. Some advocated boycotting the show. Others expressed support for the actors’ words, which suggested that the incoming administration would not protect minority rights, the Constitution, or the planet. However, by Monday, things took an acerbic tone when the Twitterverse exploded with the hashtag #NameAPenceMusical.  

By Tim Graham | November 20, 2016 | 8:35 AM EST

The actor Michael Shannon is not a household name, so there's time for him to have his own brand: mass suicide advocate. Shannon is out promoting his new film Nocturnal Animals, and he's on an "anti-Trump rage tour," admitted the liberals at the aptly named Vulture blog at New York magazine. Shannon says older people who voted for Triump it's time to die: "If you voted for Trump, it's time for the urn."