Gabler: Media Have 'Tread Lightly' on Rush The 'Cancer'

A month or so ago I would have said that Neal Gabler and I inhabit different planets, but his apparent home has recently been demoted from planetary status. While I'm off searching for another metaphor, let me pass along the latest comment from the decidedly liberal denizen of Fox News Watch that made me reflect on just how distinct a world view we have. In the course of discussing on this evening's show the controversy that erupted this past week over Rush Limbaugh's comments about Michael Fox, Gabler had this to say:

"The media has tread lightly on Rush and his criticism of [Michael J.] Fox. To my mind, Rush is a cancer to America and hatemongers are marginalized, and why the media does not marginalize Rush, I don't know."

I strongly disagree with Gabler when it comes to his characterization of Rush, whom I consider a great American voice. We'll grant that Neal's entitled to his opinion. But he certainly is not entitled to his facts. To claim that the media has "tread lightly" in criticizing Rush's criticism of Fox is, simply, to be detached from reality.

Look no further than NewBusters for proof:

If there was one man in America whom the MSM vilified this past week, it was Rush. Why would Gabler compromise his reputation by suggesting the contrary?

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Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.