Chris Matthews: 'Nobody Agrees With Rush Limbaugh'

With the elections getting very close, Chris Matthews appears even more rabid, if that's possible. Recently, he's taken to speaking for others. Not just for other liberals, but for everyone everywhere.

Last night's "Hardball" offered an example of this. The topic was the political ads Michael J. Fox is doing for Democrats around the country. There's considerable controversy - and misunderstanding - about what Rush Limbaugh said about Fox's ads and the entire question of Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

For Matthews, however, there's no room for disagreement as the facts speak for themselves:

"Everybody likes Michael J. Fox and nobody agrees with Rush Limbaugh that he was faking it or went off his meds to do a good show."

Everybody likes Michael J. Fox? Nobody agrees with Rush Limbaugh?

How did Matthews arrive at that conclusion, by speaking to other MSNBC "personalities" like Keith Olbermann or examining public comment at objective venues such as the Democratic Underground? Was there a poll taken anywhere by anyone supporting his assertion?

It's possible that, among Matthews' acquaintances, everybody likes Michael J. Fox and nobody agrees with Rush Limbaugh. That's what you'd expect from a Jimmy Carter/Tip O'Neill minion and the circles in which he runs.

But for him to speak for the entire world is absurd. He's obviously suffering from delusions of grandeur - or possibly delusions of adequacy. What's next? Will he give up his limousine for a portable throne?