Lynne Cheney Shoots Back At Matt Lauer

Dick Cheney is the well-known hunter in the family but it turns out his wife, Lynne, can hold her own when it comes to hunting down bias. Cheney came loaded for bear or network anchor when she appeared on this morning’s Today show. On to promote her latest history book for children, Cheney wasn't allowed to leave before NBC’s Matt Lauer queried her about Iraq's effect on the midterms, asking: "Are the Republicans in trouble?" To which Cheney fired back with both guns blazing as she asked Matt, why Today wasn't doing more to report on all the positive economic news.

The following is the full exchange as it took place in the 8:30am half hour of the October 25th Today show:

Matt Lauer: "Let me end on a political note here. We got the midterm elections coming up just a couple a weeks away and the President would like it to be a referendum on the economy and taxes and things like that but a lot of experts say it's gonna be a referendum on Iraq. If it boils down to that, Mrs. Cheney, are the Republicans in trouble?"

Cheney: "I think it should be a referendum on all of the above. You know I, I was watching your program earlier and you did a segment on trouble at GM. It seems to me there ought to be several segments done on the progress in the economy. The fact that unemployment is low, interest rates are low, inflation is low and the stock market is hitting all-time records. So I'll bet you'll do that tomorrow."

Lauer: "We will, we will do that on your urging but do you think the Republicans are in trouble, where they lose the House and maybe the Senate?"

Cheney: "I think, I think we might lose a few seats but I think at the end of the day we will be in control of both bodies and I think one of the crucial things will be the fact that the President, with the help of Republicans in Congress has kept this country safe and secure."

Lauer: "Lynne Cheney, the wife of Dick Cheney. And the book is called Our 50 States: A Family Adventure Across America. Keep pumping these out. These are fun and good for my kids too."

For the record this isn't the first time Cheney and Lauer have dueled.

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