Putting Dem Majority Above All, Times Ditches Chris Shays

At least they're honest about it.  So avid is the New York Times for a Dem House majority that in an editorial of this morning, it's decided to throw Chris Shays [R-CT] to the wolves, under the bus, or wherever it is that liberal Republican congressmen go when the Times won't endorse them anymore.

Although they came to bury him, the Times does throw in some praise of Shays [rhymes!]:

  • Referring to him as "a good representative."
  • Noting that it has "admired his independence and respected his leadership."
  • Describing him as "a rare voice for moderation within [the] Republican caucus."
  • Calling him "a beacon of integrity."

Not good enough for the Gray Lady.  Endorsing his Democrat opponent, the Times make no bones about sacrificing Shays' electoral bones on the altar of a Pelosi speakership:

  • "If he is re-elected, he will support a Republican leadership."
  • "If he is re-elected, he will vote to continue [Republican] House control."
  • "Mr. Shays has been a good congressman, but not good enough to overcome the fact that his re-election would help empower [the GOP]."

Puts one in mind of a Soprano hit man explaining "yo, strictly business, Chris my friend, nuthin' personal." All in all, enough perhaps to make a conservative feel sympathy for a Republican from the party's RINO wing.

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