AP Calls Controlled-Demolition Wacko a 'Scholar' and 'Sept. 11 Theorist'

Ah, the refined sensibilities of the Associated Press. Far be it from that paragon of journalistic impartiality to insert itself in the controversy over whether George Bush & Co. intentionally murdered thousands of Americans on 9-11 via the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center.

And so it is that the Associated Press preciously entitled its article about the decision of 9-11 conspiracy nut Steven Jones to retire from his BYU professor's post:

"BYU Scholar, Sept. 11 Theorist, Resigns".

A "scholar" and a "theorist." Impressive! Might that be some kind of hybrid between a 'gentleman and a scholar' and a theoretical physicist, perhaps? Now, in fairness, I wouldn't expect the AP to adopt my "conspiracy whack job" nomenclature in its headline - although it would be entirely accurate. But the utter neutrality of "theorist" coupled with the honorary title of "scholar" seems excessive. Would the AP describe David Duke as a "racial theorist," for example?

I think AP could and should have found a way to communicate in its headline the extreme controversiality of Jones' views. Something, perhaps, along the lines "9-11 Controversialist Retires From BYU Post".

Those wanting to see for themselves just how "out there" the good ex-professor is can check the web site of "Scholars for 9/11 Truth," the organization he founded to promote his lunacy.

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