Menendez Has A Kerry Moment

Never elected Democrat Senator Menendez, D-NJ, was for Ned Lamont, before he was against him. No wait, he's now for him again due to a different venue. My mistake.

Enlighten NJ has the details of how the NY Times blog played right along with a media hit on Republican Senatorial Candidate Tom Kean, Jr.

They claimed Kean fell into a political trap set by Menendez, so what if he had to lie to them to pull it off. How nice of them to call the Times later and change their tune once again ... after the event and the headline.

The two [Bob Menendez and Tom Kean] appeared at a candidate forum yesterday sponsored by the Metro West Jewish Federation, and they discussed the usual topics: the Iraq war, Social Security, and stem cell research.

And both candidates were asked about Lieberman’s re-election bid. Mr. Menendez, who appeared first, said he supports Mr. Lieberman’s run as an independent candidate. “I wish him well,” he said, “and hope he returns.”

He then warned the crowd that Mr. Kean, who was to appear second, would try to tell the crowd that Mr. Menendez supports Mr. Lamont.

About 40 minutes later, when Mr. Kean was asked about Senator Lieberman, he said, “I think he is the right individual and I look forward to serving with him.” After a pause, he added, “My opponent, by the way, supports Ned Lamont.”

It looks like the New York Times fell into the trap of believing and repeating as fact whatever comes out of Menendez’ mouth.

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