Washington Post: Democrats Are, Like, Way Cuter

Saturday's Washington Post includes the article "Democratic Faces That Could Launch Thousands of Votes." Authored by staff writer Shailagh Murray, the story states: "By a combination of luck and design, Democrats seem to be fielding an uncommonly high number of uncommonly good-looking candidates.

"The beauty gap between the parties, some on Capitol Hill muse, could even be a factor in who controls Congress after Election Day.

"Democratic operatives do not publicly say that they went out of their way this year to recruit candidates with a high hotness quotient. Privately, however, they acknowledge that, as they focused on finding the most dynamic politicians to challenge vulnerable Republicans, it did not escape their notice that some of the most attractive prospects were indeed often quite attractive."

Now it's not my desire to be mean. And certainly I'm not known for my own good looks.

But it seems to me that a party boasting such attractive folks as Barbara Mikulski, Rosa DeLauro, Janet Reno, Madeleine Albright, Michael Moore and John Kerry hasn't practiced "the politics of beauty" all that much.

And the Democratic sweep that the mainstream media is hoping for next month isn't going to happen. Thus, all those uncommonly good-looking people will have wasted those good looks.

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