Was Streisand Cursing a Fan - Or Calling For Dem Takeover?

Have a look at this screen capture from the opening of this morning's 'Today': Barbra Streisand says "SEND IN THE #$&!! CLOWNS"

Since 'Today' only offered a tease at the top of the show, it was hard to know just what Babs had been up to. Was she cursing out a fan or, perhaps, calling for a takeover of power by her team of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Conyers, Henry Waxman et al.?

Turns out the correct answer was 'A' - cursing a fan. According to this New York Post article, VULGAR BABS RIPS BUSH - AND FAN - AT MSG:

Liberal diva Barbra Streisand gave fans an earful of Bush-bashing last night at Madison Square Garden - then told a man in the audience to "shut the f- - - up" after he heckled her for poking fun at the president.

But judging by the image alone, how was a NewsBuster supposed to know?

UPDATE:  The New York Times has panned Streisand's apparently lame attempt at humor that led to her vulgar outburst at the audience member:

"The biggest miscalculation was the appearance, late in the show, of a George W. Bush impersonator (Steve Bridges) who Ms. Streisand, an ardent Democrat, interrogated in a tone that tried to be witty, and failed.

"How would the president erase the national debt? Sell Canada; they don’t use half of it, he replied. “If I cared about polls,” he remarked, “I would have run for President of Poland.” And so on.

The tepid segment mercifully ended after the two joined voices for an unfunny spoof of the famous Judy Garland-Streisand duet of 'Get Happy,' and 'Happy Days Are Here Again.'”

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