NY Times: So Long As Dems Take Power, Foley Scandal 'Will Have Done Its Job'

Give the New York Times an 'A' for honesty. In this morning's editorial, the Gray Lady openly admits the only thing it cares about resulting from the Foley scandal is the takeover of congressional power by the Democrats.

Oh, to be sure, the Times huffs and puffs about the Republican majority reaching the "point of decayed purpose so thoroughly, so fast." It also makes this startling claim: "a long, depressing pattern: When there is a choice between the right thing to do and the easiest route to perpetuation of power, top Republicans always pick wrong."

But when it gets to the editorial's bottom line, the Times makes no bones as to what this is all about for them:

"This November may not force Congress to come up with a plan for Iraq, or even immigration. But if it reminds elected officials that there’s a punishment waiting for those who fall in love with their own sense of entitlement, it will have done its job."

Got it. Who cares if there are any solutions to the country's pressing problems? So long as the Dems take power, the folks over on W. 43rd will be happy.

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