Iraq: About Those Poll Numbers...

Omar gives an Iraqis take on the latest poll numbers out of Iraq. One of the first things to strike me, is his characterization of how the media are misinforming the people about America's role in Iraq and as he notes:

"For over three years, the media kept focusing on the mistakes and shortcomings of the US military and US administration in what I can only describe as force-feeding hatred to the Iraqi people"

Sound familiar?  I'd venture their reporting mirrors the left wing media in the US and the Democrats talking points.  Omar states almost as much.

"What do you expect the attitude of the common Iraqi to be when he watches, hears or reads about the fairly wide anti-war movement in the west?

When there are Americans who say America is wrong or say the war isn't for a just cause and when Americans say the US presence in Iraq is bad, and when that is the only side of the image the media focuses on, it becomes an invitation for Iraqis to resist this presence and there's no doubt many will answer the invitation whether with words or violent action since they will get the impression that they're legitimately resisting something bad."

Those Americans he's referring to are Democrats in congress.  America has a population of nearly 300 million of which only a handful are members of Congress.  To an ordinary Iraqi these handful of Congressmen must truly seem to be powerful and knowledgeable people.  If only they knew the truth.

Omar ends on a happy note, noting that 94% of Iraqis hate al Qaeda.

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