Howard Dean: Chris Wallace 'Tough But Fair'

I happened to catch Chris Wallace on the Sean Hannity radio show, and heard something new: Two weeks ago DNC chief Howard Dean told Wallace he was "tough but fair." This is an entertaining contrast to Dean's current statement characterizing Fox News as part of the right-wing propaganda machine.

I don't have a recording, but I took brief notes.

Wallace said that two weeks ago, he got lots of emails from conservatives raging about how harsh he was in his questioning of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Dean followed Rice in a separate appearance, and according to Wallace, Dean told him "I can't believe you questioned her that tough." After his segment, Dean signed the guestbook with the comment Tough but fair.

That was then, this is now. Now is Howard Dean saying President Clinton has had enough of the right-wing revisionist history from the propaganda machine. Guess he couldn't believe Wallace questioned him that tough.

Wallace also expanded on why he believes the Clinton outburst wasn't planned:

  • Hey, the guy was jabbing me and my notes!
  • Clinton's communications director, Jay Carson, immediately told Wallace's producer that the interview had to end immediately. (Obviously, it did not)
  • Clinton remained hostile after the interview, and was heard yelling at his staff for allowing him to be placed in such a position, threatening them with being fired if that ever happened again.

I imagine that happens often.

A confession: I voted for Clinton, the first time he ran for president. Fool me once etc.

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