MRC's Brent Bozell on 'Scarborough Country'

MRC president and NB publisher Brent Bozell will be a guest on the MSNBC show "Scarborough Country" Tuesday night at 9:00pm Eastern (re-airing at 4am Eastern Wednesday morning). We're told he'll be on during the first segment of the show to discuss the media's coverage of Pope Benedict's remarks about Islam and the Muslim world's reaction to them.

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The MRC's Comcast cable service went out just as the segment began and didn't come back until five minutes into the session, but in time to catch a heated exchange amongst Joe Scarborough, Brent Bozell and Joan Walsh, the editor of Video is of that.

Video clip (2:45): Real (4.6 MB) or Windows Media (5.3 MB), plus MP3 audio (970 KB)

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