Chicago Tribune: 'Vieira and Lauer Are an Inspired Pairing'

Today's Chicago Tribune carried a brief analysis of the new team on "Today." Wrote staffer Maureen Ryan:

"(Meredith) Vieira and (Matt) Lauer are an inspired pairing. They were even able to turn her flubs into jokes, the true sign of on-air chemistry. Early on, she messed up a line leading into a commercial. 'Redo! Redo!' Lauer yelped.

"No need. The warm Vieira fit right in with 'Today's' mix of frothy celebrity updates, tabloid stories and bits and bites of actual news."

Earlier in the piece, Ms. Ryan noted that "Hiring Vieira was clearly a smart move."

Such enthusiasm at the Tribune is usually reserved for Democratic Senator Barack Obama and other selected liberals.

Oh, that's right, Meredith is a liberal. Maybe, just maybe, that has something to do with the rave review.