Inside the Papers, 'Madam Speaker' Democratic Optimism Fading

If you look hard, you can see the Democratic optimism about the fall elections fading, off the front pages of the newspapers. On the bottom of the front page of a separate "Campaign 2006" section of The Washington Post today (they call it page A23), you can read the account by Jim VandeHei and Chris Cillizza about Democrats getting worried about superior GOP turnout programs. (I can't guarantee you won't be sickened by the GOP establishment siding aggressively against the conservative in this race.)

Raymond Hernandez reported in the New York Times that giddy Democratic optimism about wresting four or five House seats from the GOP in New York state is fading fast...

PS: Hurray for Susan Page at USA Today, who had the best Chafee open yesterday: "Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, the most liberal Republican in the Senate, beat back a tough primary challenge Tuesday by anti-tax conservative Stephen Laffey."

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